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Insignia (Heavy Metal from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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Insignia is a Heavy Metal Band from Argentina formed in 2008 with Alejandro on Guitar\Vocals, Julio on Guitar, Fernando on Bass\Vocals and Axel on Drums.

Saurab talks to the band and he quickly brings us the answers.

Saurab - Can you tell us the journey of your band?
Insignia - Insignia get together in 2008, after some line up changes, we met at a bar, talking about what we liked to do… music. Each of us came from different bands that didn’t work, so we decided to play together and see what happens, that’s the way we got this line up. Until now we made many shows in our city and many cities in the interior of our country, we made 2 successful tours in Bolivia, and we played in Uruguay and Paraguay too.

Saurab - How it feels to be a Thrash Band? And your influences?
Insignia - We think that insignia it’s more oriented to classic heavy metal than thrash, although we consider as influences bands like, anthrax, metallica, megadeth, style wise we do what is natural to us, we’re always listening to heavy metal, we try to sound as direct as possible, trying to find that old school heavy metal sound. Other great influences are the bands from the nwobhm, like motorhed, saxon, accept and we can’t forget another big influence to us like black Sabbath

Saurab - Have you recorded any Album\EP till date?

Insignia - Until now, we’ve only edited one split with Bajo Tierra, band that’s friend to us, with whom we’ve shared three tours and they filmed the video clip of our song “Todo o Nada”. The split was released on our own label “Uniendo Fuerzas Metal Distro” , this label Is about promoting independent heavy metal bands, specially in south America. These cd’s are distributed in the Insignia shows, and to anyone who is interested in these kind of bands. We’ve just had finished our first album, in the weeks to come we are going to finish the book let and that, we are going to make cd’s and we’re going to upload the whole thing for everybody to download it for free.

Saurab -What is the current metal scenario of your coutnry? Are you satisfied with the metal scene out there?

Insignia - We feel like here is so much to do about create a good heavy metal scene, this style in argentina is like 30 years old, and it’s run by the same old bands of always. There are so many bands, but they couldn’t make it because there are 5 big bands, like 15 average bands that make it HARDER for the underground bands. The way of doing business of them is against insignia does. By the other hand we think that musicians should learn to be more cooperative with each other. Try to get along, hang out more, that’s the way we considered that the scene could change for the better.

Saurab - Have you ever played with your band overseas other than your country? How many GIGs have you Played till now? Do you see any difference in the home crowds and overseas?

Insignia -  Insignia has made 2 tours in Bolivia, and we’ve been in Uruguay and Paraguay too. We are looking forward to do other south american countrys, in every trip we learn something new, and we don’t forget the lessons from the past. When we get back home we’re not the same anymore, these trips really get us together tighter as friends, and as musicians we can play everywhere, small gigs, big gigs, we give our 100% at every gig given. As for the people, they are always different, I think people overseas are more open to listen to new bands, here in argentina are more conservative, but we like to thank anybody who came to our shows, there are people who travel lots of miles to see our shows!, we can’t describe the feeling of that. The feeling for music has no boundaries, it doesn’t matter the language or anything else.

Saurab - In general extreme metal is not appreciated by Society what do you have to say on this?

Insignia - Because they don’t know what is it about. And that can scare somebody, here in Argentina extreme metal isn’t see as a menace to society, at least en Buenos Aires. And we think that is a style that is growing. We have some good extreme bands here.

Saurab - Ok, what do you want to tell those peoples who rips off your hard work?
Insignia - We know how hard we work, and we really appreciate to the few or the many who have listened or will be listen to us. To those who like us, we’re always gonna give or 100%, to those who don’t, fuck off!. We know what we’re doing

Saurab - Do you appreciate those fans who downloads your music?
Insignia - Of course we do!’s a great way to promote your music. I think that if you like what you’ve heard you may end up coming to the shows, and that’s the important thing to us . and by the way… if you like the music, why can’t you have it??? 

Saurab - How hard it's surviving in Underground Metal Scene?
Insignia - It’s hard, we don’t live from the music. We have day time jobs to live, anyway we enjoy every second of this, we love to play, rehearse, we love to record, we love the trips. We take this very seriously. We are an independent band, until now, we’re doing fine, and we are growing a little each year. It’s a hard work, but we love it

Saurab - In near days,if any bands from Nepal approach you for a Split ALbum are you going to approve this?
Insignia - That will be awesome! Here in argentina we do shows with bands from other countrys so they can show what they do to our crowd, and show that are great bands from other places that they never heard about. Nobody here did anything like this, but we think it’s time to start. And well, we’re here to do it!

Saurab - Metal has to be underground or metal has to go mainstream, what's your opinion?
Insignia - It really doesn’t matter, it’s just music, if that song or band means something to you , who cares if is it underground or mainstream

Saurab - Lastly, a space for you anything EUMSN have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?
Insignia - A big salute from Insignia to you all!!, we hope to go to Nepal and do some shows there!! And bring some bands from there to argentina! We believe that heavy metal doesn’t have boundaries, the feeling about this music is only one! It keep us alive, wherever we are! You can check us out in: FACEBOOK: INSIGNIA METAL or MAIL:

Well that was Insignia from Argentina, go check them in Facebook adn Youtube..for now, Goodnight Sick Fucks \m/


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