Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Should Metal Remain Underground?

Since Yesterday evening I was asking this simple and easy Question to Metal Heads around, Should Metal Remain Underground? And this all they have to Say..

Eumsn - Should Metal Remain Underground?

Grunge Saurab - sum music are meant to be underground!!!!!

Dichen Pakhrin - Ya a TRUE METAL shud, not emo core or hiphop core ;P

Armins Morozs Dyinginsin - i prefer it underground and not mainstream…

Jonathan Misak - Depends on bad the criticism is.

Keru Von Borries - underground and DIY

Ironman Gurung - yesssssssssssssssssss \m/

Chris Forbes - if the band is good, hell no as long as they don’t change for the worse due to some success and if the band sucks yeah underground 6 feet under…

Kâld WB - how can you call anything underground anymore when every releases is ripped and downloadable on some fucking mexican blog…underground was back when i was young, no internetz…just tapes traded by mail, that was the essence of’s dead now!

Alex Watt - I think metal is just fine where it is: in pop culture purgatory. People know it’s there, but only the willing seek it out

Clément Gardet - Underground ! We have already enough posers.. \m/ -  -

Jonathan Pérusse - The underground is very huge, and you can dig so fuckin deep to find awesome band, but I don’t want it to be mainstream, because I don’t wanna see a core kid with a Devour The Unborn t-shirt. And personally I’m a huge fan of Crust Punk, so I Support the DIY movement… It’s the better way to have your shit like you want them, and tell a big FUCK OFF to the big mainstream band and music industrie.

Rudra Jung Gurung - Hell yeah

Roel Mores - YES!!!

Amir Hasmi - it many dnt undrstands..

Neekkeettaa Shrestha - Itz betta n evil dat way..

Deathmetal War - totally underground…………………………….

Andrew Joseph Rienks - I’d love it if more people started listening to real metal, but the only thing that I’d hate is that they’d all be like “have you heard this band? or this band?”and then I’d feel like a major hipster becuase I listened to it all before it was popular. I’d basically be pissed off

Sachin Dudê - dai r u asking if all those death metal album cover to be hanging on the public street,tv etc haha

Bibek Bhattrai Snrmb - metal should not be underground. But we need some underground bands. We need true metalheads and true music listner which we can get only after some gigs and some album released. So to keep metal alive we need to have some underground bands.

               _____________________From the Vault_______________________________

Should Metal Remain Underground? Not necessarily. Sure it is nice to be a part of this underground network, spreading the message of great metal bands and music. Because metal is underground it makes us metalheads very unique in this world full of clueless, radio-loving idiots. But think for a moment what would happen if metal became so accepted, that it was no longer underground.

First of all, bands and musicians that deserve to be recognized would finally get their chance. We would see some truly talented individuals make it into guitar, bass, and drum magazines instead of the lame bullshit that currently gets covered. Just think how cool it would be to flip on the radio and hear Iced Earth, Napalm Death, or Slayer. Imagine metal videos being played on television channels. Imagine seeing people besides your friends wearing metal shirts in public places. And there would actually be someone out there to talk to that listens to such great stuff as Pungent Stench, Loudblast, Agressor, Lethargy, and countless other bands I freaking drool over. It is too bad that metal bands bust their asses for years, doing what they love, and get nowhere, while other talentless ass-molesters just do what the producer and record company tells them to do, to make that million-dollar hit single. It is hard for metal bands to support themselves without getting regular jobs, and it is sad to see so many great artists leave music to concentrate on working because they just are not popular enough to survive solely on record sales.

Of course, the only way for this to happen is for more and more people to be turned on to metal. Bands should never change to appeal to the masses (i.e. Metallica, Megadeth). The people in society need to change.

Thank You all for reading this - Vishal

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