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Broken Hymen (Blackened Death from Kathmandu, Nepal)

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This afternoon EUMSN sits down with Broken Hymen frontman Utsav (one of the 4 Guys who is actually Dys-Functional ..Ha..Ha..) to know his band and recording and more of the things that we don’t know about them. So here is those of the talks we have with him. Go though patiently and do wait for their upcoming album, recording process is going at Falls Studio, Mahalxmisthan, Lalitpur.

Vishal / Hello Utsav this is Vishal from EUMSN !!

Utsav / Cheers !!

Vishal / Can you tell us about the journey of your band till date?

Utsav / Its not been that long yet and we’ve just been in this band since last 5 months now but we have had our struggles.We started playing Death Metal after our drummer Subodh jammed with us and the same evening i asked him if he’d join and he did.After that we just started writing songs but with no future what so ever. Not knowing any thing about the under ground scene and anyone in it. we decided to enter a band competition called nepfest to just spread our music.Then we decided to practice at some other place and that’s when it all happened. We were helped by Jamsthan and a certain person named Vishal to get the opening spot for Brutal Lunch Box Vol.1.After playing this gig we got the fucking confidence we needed for Nepfest which was just 4 days after this gig. We played nepfest, people liked us and to our surprise we were ranked 6th among 26 bands.After that we just decided to work on writing songs and we started playing sort of a Blackened Death sound.we have recorded a demo now.The last thing we did was play a gig with three of the biggest names in the scene namely, Soul Annihialation, Ugra Karma and Binaash.It has been one heck of a roller coaster ride.

Vishal / How it feels to be an underground band?

Utsav / It feels awsome, its just like this huge movement now and just feels good to be a part of it.The best part about the undergorund are its shows and the energy you can exchange with the fans at small gigs.

Vishal / Well EUMSN would really appreciate if you define your music?

Utsav / I think, we can define our music as 4 abnormal guys trying as hard to make shit sound good.
But speaking specific terms, we play Death metal/Blackened death metal but in our own way.

Vishal / Do you like local metal scene out here?

Utsav / I love it, we’ve got bands that are ready to play internationally. And as much as international bands inspire me,
Nepalese bands inspire me to the core.

Vishal / Ok, tell us is there anything yo want to change something in Local Metal Scene?

Utsav / I dont want anything to change, things are good the way they are but would help if there would be more gigs.

Vishal / What are your future plans?

Utsav / We are waiting for the future to throw shit at us so we could work with it but we are thinking of recording more songs and experimenting with our sound.

Vishal / We all hate something and it’s a human nature too, what do you hate most?

Utsav / Yeah, that’s the biggest problem here in nepal, they love criticizing bands and musicians saying they suck. But if they love doing that why arent they on stage playing better than the bands who are doing it. Hypocricy is another problem that creates feuds between bands and the funny thing is taking sides with their favorite genres criticizing other genres not being worthy and what not. I do not want to go into this, haha.

Vishal / Which is the album you want to take inside your grave?

Utsav / Well it depends on what sort of music you are talking about but for me i guess it Christ Illusion by Slayer. Because its FUCKING SLAYER!!!!

Vishal / Lastly, a space for you anything EUMSN have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?

Utsav / Nothing in particular.

And thank you for taking the interview.
Keep it raw.
Keep it metal!!!

Vishal / Thanks a lot and Stay fucking Sickkk.!!!

Well, that was all i can get from the Utsav the frontman of Blackened Death Metal “Broken Hymen”. If you want to know more about them i suggest you all to go in their Official Facebook Page and like always, Keep it sick and brutal. Rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr \m/

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