Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Project Mutilation (Death Metal from Hetauda, Nepal)

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Forged in the dark shadows, most unholy of quartets have steadily making a name for themselves as one of the most intense band to rise up this Year 2012, Project Mutilation is a Death Metal Heavy Weight from Hetauda Nepal. This young talented and impressive boys have so far spread their plague of destruction around the Country with Sabin (w\Undefined Human) on Guitar, Furwa on Drums, Bivek on Bass & Prasis on Vocals under the sickening look of Bivek as their Manager.

"Project Mutilation", with unrelenting musical verocity through their mind, obliterating assault on the senses plays a genuine Death Metal, which is not a trend, a fashion parade or a means to an end. It is much more than that, a way of life. The aural expression of humanity's darkest side, of devastation, sorrow and the mankind's own inhumanity and ultimate destruction, it is more than music because, it transcends such a limited mortal state of mind.

The band also participated in the Nepfest III a battle of the bands, one of the most respected and prestigious Fest annually happens at Kathmandu, Nepal. And this was their first gig ever and later on, they went play Hetauda Underground Uproar and Underground Homefest, both at Hetauda.

With the influence of Dying Fetus, Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Internal Suffering, Cryptopsy etc. and many other Slam Death Metal arounds they are ready to strike now, just when you though it was safe to listen to call yourself Death Metal Fan. Unleashing a maniacal brutality, a celebration of Underground music in the darkest alley and in the most unhuman form, Project Mutilation are poised to devastate the ears of the loyal disciples of Death Metal.

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