Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall (Pornogrind from Kathmandu, Nepal)


Offensive Nature with Extreme Imagery that is Fall, a Pornogrind band straight from the gutter of Kathmandu is grinding, pounding, growling brain melting 4 Young boys.The band was started in 2010 by college freinds Jay (Drums), Basant (Guitar) & Robus (Guitar) under the Supervision of Binesh also to be their Manager brought Bishal on Vocals and Sujan on Bass to be known as Vashma, where they played Brutal Death Metal. With this Line up they got their first GIG at HOS and soon they change the name to Downfall and also they shifted to genre Technical Death Metal and entered the Nepfest 1, Battle of the Bands.Soon, the band started to get quick attention from Metal Gig Organizers which featured them in Defecation of Sobotuer, Beyond Brutality etc. But, with the growing number of Death Metal bands in Valley that almost played the same genre they intended to shift to Pornogrind, a subgenre of Death Metal and Grindcore and much appealing to their new sound they change the name to Fall.By the time Fall was ready the guitarist Robus left the band for some personal reason and left the Fall as a 4 Piece band and Nepfest Reloaded was indeed thier first gig under this name. Later on they Headlined Metalloid and also Co- Headlined Brutal Lunch Box Volume 1 and was one of the band for Death Feast I, a first ever Death Metal Festival in Nepal.

Being the only Pornogrind Band in Nepal, they enjoys a lot and Yeah, they don’t care whether they are heard or not because, they enjoys making music to themselves deriving the themes from sex, horror, incidents etc. Horrific screams and drum grooved based riffing and vocals that ranges from growl to guttural definitely makes them one of the heaviest and promising act from Nepal.

Yes, Fall the first ever Pornogrind band from Nepal are one of those bands that will difinitely plague you all soon deriving the influences from Torsofuck, Gut, Jig Ai, Cock & Ball Torture, CARNE, Spasm , Meat Shits, Funeral Rape, Libido Airbag, Sperm Of Mankind, Teen Pussy Fucker, Lividity, Porky Vagina, Grave Grinder etc.

Keep it Grind, Keep it Sex and Make it Real !!    


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