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Calamitian (Slam Death Metal from Kathmandu Nepal)

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Calmitian a Slam Butal Death Metal from Kathmandu, Nepal and this Evening they answers some of our Questions..

Vishal - Can you tell us about the journey of your band till date?

Calamitian - It hasn't been much since the band was formed just some months before. This band was formed by the two brothers the vocalist amit and the other guitarist sumit with the aim of playing slam they found the other interested members Tshering, Bikash and Shubham. Our first gig was the metalloid which was organized by jamsthan. The band even participated in the band competition NEPFEST and played some house gigs too.The journey of the band till now has been good and we hope its gonna go great in the coming future.

Vishal - How it feels to be in underground band?

Calamitian - Its an awesome feeling being an underground band we express what we think and feel in the form of music.

Vishal - Can you tell us more about your music and formation of a band and recommend us some of your influences?

Calamitian - Like i said before the band was formed by the two brothers. People think the band name 'calamitian' was kept by them as they stay in kalimati haha but its not that. The band consists of 5 members amit-vocalist, sumit-guitarist, Bikash-bassist Tshering- drummer and shubham-guitarist. As an influence there are many bands and while listing them the list goes like this amputated,abnormity,abominable putridity, bleeding corpse, cannabis corpse,cefalophagia,corpse carving,devourment, goretrade, gorgasm, human rejection,katalepsy,kranium, pathology, pus vomit,sickening,viscera trial, cerebral incubation and many more.

Vishal - Do you think Metal Scene is growing here?

Calamitian - Yes, local metal scene is growing rapidly before gigs were organized with a gap of huge time but these days many gigs are being organized monthly and some even weekly.

Vishal - How do you guys came up with a idea to do Slam?

Calamitian - As we all know slamming was introduced in Nepal by the band 11. We used to listen some of the slam bands before but didnt have idea to do it. The credits can be taken by 11 too as they inspired us here to play slam . After discussing alot we came out with the members who were interested in slamming and then we finally formed a slamming brutal death metal band.

Vishal - Ok, tell us the feeling of your first Live Performence?

Calamitian - Hmm.. the feeling performing live with the whole band calamitian was good. The crowd really appreciated our music and thought it was good and even shouted for a "once more" though we sucked in many parts haha.

Vishal - How do you look after those Big Bands who behaves bad with new band in the scene?

Calamitian - We haven't really faced that part of being criticized or been behaved bad by any of the bands but believe me every dog has its day

Vishal - What do you guys hate most?

Calamitian - We hate bitches who bitch about every single thing we do or plan to do we do appreciate negative criticism but being bitched by some kind of poser is what we hate the most.

Vishal - Which is the album you want to take inside your grave?

Calamitian - Hmm.. talking about the album there's a lot more to listen but currently it would be of sickening- Against the wall of pretence.

Vishal - Can you tell us the name behind Calamitian?

Calamitian - There's not a long story behind it, The word 'Calamitian' was derived from the word calamity which meant mighty destruction.

Vishal - List of the Bands that you really appreciate from your homeland?

Calamitian - The list would go like this Hatebook, Binaash, Ugrakarma, Nakinjhyaa, Fall, Bidroha, 11, etc

Vishal - In general term Extreme metal isn't appreciated by Society what do you have to say on this?

Calamitian - We don't give a Fuck actually everyone has their own views and perspectives.

Vishal - How hard it's surviving in Underground Metal Scene esp. when u don't get paid for the show?

Calamitian - Its quite hard when it comes on paying practice room money and having better sound equipments which mainly lows the moral of the band.

Vishal - Metal has to be underground or metal has to go mainstream, what's your opinion?

Calamitian - Underground is SWEET.

Vishal - Lastly, a space for you anything EUMSN have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?

Calamitian - Nothing in specific. And yeah thanks alot for the taking the interview and supporting us. \m/

Hmm, pretty sick guys on the Rise and I hope they will throw us some brutal tracks. Eargasm is what we need ffrom them because, I am sick of Gaga.. and I hope you all do too, so go and Like their page in Facebook,.Support them, Love them and Let their be Underground... Good NIght \m/

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