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Perversion (Death Metal from Dubai, UAE.)

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Biography :- Perversion started in 2006 by Mahmud Gecekusu, Ahmet Gecekusu and Rhama. Both Rhama and Mahmud have been friends since the early days of Dubai’s “Metal Scene”. They both had the idea of forming a band together for a long time since they both share the exact same taste in music. Perversion struggled in finding the right drummer as the scene lacked skillful drummers back then.
By the end of 2006, Perversion was introduced to Bachir, who just moved to Dubai from Lebanon due to the war overthere. The first jam session with Bachir went better than expected, Both Rhama and Mahmud knew that Bachir was the right drummer for perversion and he was asked to join the band permanently.
With the lineup completed, Perversion immediately started writing songs, and by the first quarter of 2007 Perversion wrote “Dementia of Devourment”, “The Origins of Horror” and “Venomous Semen”.
In September 2007, Ahmet, who was the bands lead guitarist and also Mahmud’s younger brother Had to leave Dubai to pursue his studies. Perversion became the only active 3 piece death metal band in Dubai.
2008 was quite a busy year for Perversion, playing gigs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and also releasing their first EP entitled “ The Origins of Horror” which was recorded at “In the Mix” studios in Dubai.
In july 2010, Perversion entered the studio to record their first full length album “Pillars of the Enlightened”, which will feature revised and restructured songs from their first release as well as new tunes that defines Perversion’s musical approach.

Mahmud exclusively answers to Eumsn Bones.

Vishal - Can i get the story of your band and biography? What is the meaning of Perversion exactly means to the band?
Mahmud - Perversion was formed in 2006. But I and Rhama (Bass/vocals) had the idea of forming the band together since 2005 when we met at a concert. We knew each other for a long time and both of us were out of our previous bands at that time, my band moved to Canada and his band broke up. So our next task was to find a drummer, after a long search we settled with Bachir who later had to move to his home country to peruse his studies. And now we have Alex on drums.
Perversion means The alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended” and this is exactly what’s happening in our world today, and also the main theme behind our music.

Vishal - What are the lyrical themes you guys use in your song?gore, horror, politics, anti religion etc..
Mahmud - When the band first started the theme was leaning more towards the Horror/gore kind of lyrics. It later on moved to focus on more serious issues, our debut album “Pillars of the Enlightenment” was mainly about the hidden forces behind many events happening around us.

Vishal - How it feels to be in a Underground Scene? And do you appreciate your local scene?
Mahmud - I think Underground music in general is the purist form of music; it is done for the love of music and not money. It’s like drinking freshly squeezed juice rather than having a canned juice drink full of preservative and artificial flavours!! That’s how I look at it.
I do appreciate my local scene (or the remains of it) of course; it’s the reason why we still play music. Without support and criticism, you won’t have the motivation to do better. The only problem is our local scene is now dependent on international bands rather than focusing more on local talent, which wasn’t the case 5 or 6 years ago.

Vishal - Which are the bands that have influenced your band most?
Mahmud - A huge list to be honest but I would say the early Morbid Angel era, Suffocation, Hate Eternal, Obituary, Malevolent Creation and many others, on a personal level bands like Possessed and Celtic Frost had a huge impact on me as a musician.

Vishal - What are the future plans of Festering Perversion? any tours, releases, recordings etc.
Mahmud - Currently we’ve been writing new material for our next release which we plan on recording by March/April 2013. We also plan on playing as many shows as possible in 2013.

Vishal - What is your opinion on sites posting Underground Materials?
Mahmud - Without them bands won’t be exposed and be heard, there are many underrated bands who suffer from lack of exposure, so we support those sites 100% !

Vishal - How do you feel about the classifications in metal? like deathcore, metalcore and other subgenres..
Mahmud - Its gets confusing at times! Some people actually argue about wither this band is deathcore or hardcore, or wither that band is death metal or BRUTAL death metal!! Who gives a fuck just listen to the damn music! 

Vishal - In general term extreme metal isn't appreciated by Society what do you have to say on this?
Mahmud - Not many like this kind of music, as the majority or “Ordinary” people find it too loud and meaningless or they may just classify it as noise! But I think that this is what makes metal special! This is what attracts most young people into getting to know metal out of curiosity; you can say it’s a form of rebellion.

Vishal - Ok, what do you want to tell those peoples who rips off the band hard work and illegally downloads their music?
Mahmud - I am not totally against music downloads, as I think the listener have the right to listen to the album before buying, but If you like the music and appreciate the bands work, the right thing to do to support the band is to buy their album. If people stop buying albums, labels will go out of business and eventually many bands will stop making music and go look for another job !

Vishal - Beside Festering Perversion you have any other projects too?
Mahmud - I do have a solo black metal project that I started in 2001 called (Azaroth) not so active at the moment though, but I may be releasing an EP soon.

Vishal - Is it hard surviving in underground Scene?
Mahmud - If you’re talking about making a living out of being an underground metal band then it’s impossible!! But talking musically, you can always survive if you love what you do and believe in yourself.

Vishal - Metal has to be underground or metal has to go mainstream, what's your opinion?
Mahmud - Honestly it’s all about the music, if it’s good its good weather it’s mainstream or underground!

Vishal - Which is the album you want to take to your grave?
Mahmud - Effigy of the forgotten by Suffocation.

Vishal - Can you recommend us some good bands from your place for our readers?
Mahmud - The Middle Eastern scene in general is loaded with great bands, such as Scarab (Egypt), Nervecell (Dubai), Creative Waste (KSA), Bilocate (Jordan), Smouldering in Forgotten (Bahrain), and many others who really know what they’re doing.

Vishal - Support Underground Metal, how much you agree on this quote?
Mahmud - Without support there is no scene, it’s as simple as that, so it’s a must to agree.

Vishal - Where do our readers can buy and listen Perversion music and any other merchandise?
Mahmud - We have an online merch store which will be updated regularly. 

Vishal - Do you remember the feeling of your first show with Perversion? and how did the crowd reacted to your first show?
Mahmud - Absolutely! It was a very small DIY show, but it was intense. We were so eager to perform the stuff we spent months on writing, and to know how people would react to it, and thankfully we had a positive response and gained a following after the show.

Vishal - In near future if any band from Nepal aproaches to you for a Split Album, are you goin to approve this?
Mahmud - If both bands have similar approach musically, and both would gain good exposure out of that split  then I don’t see a reason why not to do it.

Vishal - What do you hate most? Like anything..
Mahmud - What the world have become. I hate watching the news nowadays, because there is nothing but news of war, famine and misery, all because of a bunch of control freaks deciding the fate of humanity. Fuck politics and politicians.

Vishal - How do you look at this when Vocalist says "LOIFE" instead of "LIFE", is it a trend or..?
Mahmud - Am not really sure, maybe it’s just an accent thing! I don’t think that would bother me.

Vishal - Quick top 5 albums we must have in our collection.
Mahmud - In no particular order:  Altars of Madness (Morbid Angel),  Decide (Decide),       Suffocation (Effigy of the forgotten),  Slayer (Reign in Blood) & Possessed (Seven Churches)

Vishal - Lastly, a space for you anything EUMSN have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?
Mahmud - Thank you for the interview and for the support, please make sure you check our band page on facebook to be updated, as we plan to have few announcements in the near future:

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