Monday, January 21, 2019

Sick Fest 2019

Here we are with the fifth edition of Sick Fest 2019, it’s happening on June 1st 2019. The edition contains the band from various extreme genres, from grindcore to death metal to hardcore. Bands from Mexico, Japan, India, UK and Nepal are coming together to make this sickness more infectious. So mark your calendar and spread the news. Early bird tickets are priced at 1000 Nrs and that comes with a exclusive gift and the door price is 1500 Nrs. Please read out the short info about bands who are confirmed to play in this edition, also visit their official links to like their page and to listen their music. 

Anarchus (Mexico) - In November of 1988 the first demo of the band "Total Hate" was recorded, followed in 1990 the first EP, "Final Fall of the Gods" with Rigid Records. Both recordings get a great response in Mexico and other countries and by May of that year (1990) the band had a mini tour in Tampa Bay, Florida for the promotion of the EP playing next to bands like Assuck and Paineater. In spite of multiple complications and changes of members the band continues playing for almost all Mexico since 1988.

Clandestined (Japan) -  Clandestined is Japanese old school death metal formed in September 2009 by Okazzy! March 2010 they released the 1st album AMOK SAINT IN SODOM/In March 2011 they released 2nd album RUINATICS/ in 2013,3rd album MORTAL/in 2014 4th album ANGEL DESPAIR/2016 released 5th album GREED OF BREED/in 2017 6th album Ezekiel from Sodom from. 

CxBxFxIxHxFxLxFxRxE (United Kingdom) – Catastrophic Blunt Force Intracranial Haemorrhage Fluid Leaking From Ruptured Eardrums formed a couple of years ago in the South-West of England, principally to create horrific noise and gibbering sounds that might fall somewhat loosely under the term "gorenoise" (or might not, depending on your sensibilities). The message from CxBxFxIxHxFxLxFxRxE is this, should anyone be foolhardy enough to bear witness to them at Sick Fest V in Nepal this year, they would be well advised to at least have the good sense to take copious amounts of opiates before setting foot near the stage.

Regicide (India) – Regicide is an Old school death metal band from Bangalore, India, formed in January 2017. They plays OSDM bringing together the aggression of Floridian death metal with melodies inspired by their Swedish counterparts. Their lyrical themes focus on wars, mythical battles, Rituals, Ancient magicks etc. Regicide is due to release their debut EP entitled 'As skin turns to flesh’ on January 27th, 2019. They have built a reputation as a ferocious live band having shared the stage with many greats of the extreme metal scene.

Strangle – The hardcore crossover thrash from Lalitpur is always a crowd fave in local gigs, their thrashy riffs, heart pounding drums, energetic bass lines and one of the most angriest vocals in Nepali underground scene is always a gem to watch. 

DisXcord - The day they made their debut in 2016 at Brutal Lunch Box we all were aware that this band is going to deliver us some quick grinds. With their recent sick performance at Extreme Tour 2019 we cant wait long to have them more.

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