Monday, November 25, 2013

Interview w/ Nabil Abaddon of Sacrilege (Thrash Metal, Dhaka, Bangladesh)

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Vishal - What are you doing nowadays?
:  We are doing a couple of things like recording our first original, practising some covers and writing more lyrics!We've got a number of shows in December.So preparing for them as well.

Vishal - Can i get the story of your band and biography? What is the meaning of Sacrilege means to the band?
Nabil: Well it all started off in the last days of 2012. Our riffer Tajrianul wanted to form his own Thrash Metal band.He jammed with some musicians like Digonto Islam and Meraj Azad(both fromAbominable Carnivore) but it did not work out for long. Then he found Saquib Ahmad,our drummer who just left Abominable Carnivore then and Arif Islam from Tajrianul's ex band Damage Inc. They started practising regularly and after a few months Turzo Hasan, Arif Khan and I joined in.Thats how it all came about. Basically We all just love Thrash Metal! 

Sacrilege means to profane/desecrate something holy. Basically, we have a lot of hypocritical shits going on in the society in the name of politics,democracy,education,religion and even in the music of Metal! We call upon a rebel against all these as a band.

Vishal - What are the lyrical themes you use in your song?gore, horror, politics, anti religion etc.. Nabil: Firstly, we are not anti-religious.But we do oppose the hypocrisies and terrorism that exist in the name of religion. Our lyrical themes are taken from life and society that we are pissed off about. They have deep meanings and sometimes are a bit thought provoking. We are not just like any other bands who would go on about social issues,gore,poseurs,nuclear bombs without any point. Our vox Arif and I deal with the lyrical duties and to a lot of extent, our lyrics are quite personal.

Vishal - How it feels to be in an Underground band? And for how many years you are in this scene?
Nabil: I feel like kicking some asses! Thrash is all about that hahahahah! Well its been a while...some 5 years.

Vishal - Which are the bands that have influenced your band most?
Nabil: Exodus,Sodom,Metallica,Slayer,Death,Evile,Powersurge,Severe Dementia etc etc

Vishal - What are the future plans of Sacrilege? any tours, releases, recordings etc.
Nabil: if everything goes right, we will be releasing our first original 'Fueled by Hate' through an online compilation called Raktapyas!Apart from that we are going to self-release a demo CD containing the song and our rehearsal videos of two covers.Hopefully by the end of 2014, we'll come up with our debut EP!We don't wana rush and make a stupid EP which offers the same old thrash sound. We are doing regular shows.We would love to tour Nepal,India and other countries around Asia in the near future. CALL US UP!

Vishal - How do you feel about the classifications in metal? like deathcore, metalcore and other subgenres.. Nabil: umm...Metalcore is cool when you're nailing your girl! dunno about the rest.Look man, new subgenres are coming up every other day.its upto you as to what your ears relate to!But at the end of the day, the authentic Metal is Heavy,Thrash,Death and Black Metal! I am more into those.

Vishal - In general term metal isn't appreciated by Society what do you have to say on this?
Nabil: If they accepted Metal,then theres no point of doing it. Metal music is the dark reflections of the society! We don't sing happy shits! Why would they like it?

Vishal - What is your opinion on sites posting Underground Materials?
I think its awesome and much needed! Really important.

Vishal - Ok, what do you want to tell those peoples who rips off the band hard work and illegally downloads their music?
Nabil: I wanna hunt 'em down and rip 'em off back!

Vishal - Beside Sacrilege do you have any other projects you have? If then, Can you tell us about those projects in few words?
Nabil: Nope.

Vishal - Is it hard surviving in underground Scene?
Nabil: Yes,specially with the lack of shows,money and cheap-ass band politics!

Vishal - Metal has to be underground or metal has to go mainstream, what's your opinion?
Nabil: Truth is Metal will always exist in both places. But i think Extreme Metal should always be underground!

Vishal - What is your opinion on the current state of underground metal?
Nabil: In Bangladesh? Its divided in the stupid 'true-poser' dispute!Apart from that, Bangladesh is going through a massive Thrash revolution at this moment.Proud to be part of it.

Vishal - Which is the album you want to take to your grave?
Nabil: Sound of Perseverence or Deliverance!

Vishal - Can you recommend us some good bands from your country for our readers?
Nabil: Severe Dementia,Jahiliyyah,Abominable Carnivore,Homicide,Enmachined,Thrash,Dissector.

Vishal - Support Underground Metal, how much you agree on this quote?
Nabil: I say, Support Metal!Support good music!

Vishal - Where do our readers can buy and listen Sacrilege and any other merchandise?
Nabil: You can hopefully get it from the compilation Raktapyas and also for our videos and updates, go to

Vishal - Do you remember your first show with Sacrilege, How was it and how did the crowd reacted to your first show?
Nabil: We performed in front of a stranger crowd as well as our brother metallers. The appreciation was massive.

Vishal - Metal Fans from Nepal doesn't have a proper way to reach your records and any other such bands, Is there an easy way so we can also get the hold of cds, shirts etc.
Nabil: Our close brothers Homicide will playing at Nepal Death Fest next year.We'll send some stuff then!

Apart from that Sacrilege would really love to tour Nepal soon!!

We can bring CDs and merch then

Vishal - Do you have any plans to come to Kathmandu (Nepal) in coming days?
We do want to! We are looking forward to touring there.

Vishal - What do you hate in Underground Metal?like, anything..
 People like to call themselves TRVE cause they listen to old school metal and call anyone poser who does not! Just fuck off!

Vishal - Your dream metal fest line up.
Exodus, Sodom, Slayer, Kreator, Nile, Necrpohagist, Opeth and our very own Severe Dementia!

Vishal - Quick top 5 albums we must have in our collection.
: Reign in Blood, Bonded By blood, Sound Of Perseverance, Paranoid,In Torment In Hell...just to name five!

Vishal - Lastly, a space for you anything EUMSN have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?
Listen to good music,listen to whatever you want,lastly listen to Thrash fucking Metal!!


  1. cheap-ass band politics,showing 'so-called' hatred towards groups of people trying to make the scene better,trying for an unity,and playing 'E' for times on guitar that you do,won't make a good band!
    I suggest,'have adequate sense' while answering interview questions.Don't say bullshit things like you've done in this and try to make some good music by not wasting your time on flaming underground situations with your very own politics.
    While recommending the world with good bands of Bangladesh,you must not lick the cunt of others.You can be honest!There are also so many 'close brothers' those are going to play in much bigger and better gig in Bangladesh.
    Finally,those who are up with ass-licking tendency will always be POSERS no matter how hard they try to look 'TRUE'. You suit with your new-school tastes!''we thrashing around,have beer and we don't give fuck,we are doing THRASH fucking METAL'' type words will never gonna make you smart ass bro.

    Thanks for hating good,Nabil. :)

    P.S. I knew you are nothing but the band manager which is a useless shit for a new band in town,how can you say 'I joined the band,we are recording' and other shit?! I don't understand.

  2. Big words from a guy who thinks he's suddenly become some bigshot...amusing.

  3. As a fan i never disliked Sacrilege. They have a killer drummer and very skillful lead guitarist but why the are keeping such a stupid band manager with them i have no idea. You don't just showcase Bangladesh to your neighboring country in such a way. What will they think? Is it a country of politicians everywhere? Even if yes than you shouldn't put up Bangladesh scenario in a disgraceful way.

    P.S. I knew that interviews are given by the band members. What kind of stupidity is this to give a interview being a band manager? I simply dont get it. Others can't talk? Whatever!!!

  4. demo with two cover songs? -_- wow...
    I think some kids need to know the meaning of DEMO .

  5. What a stupid shit it was! A DEMO with two cover songs!
    Nabil,kid do you even know what does a Demo mean?

    Cheap ass kisser!

  6. Mug talks like he is the savior of metal. I think this kid knows fuck all about metal. From his speech you know he is just a cheap politician.

    Hails from India!

  7. Someone recommended me this interview and i was speechless to see how a guy show disrespect to his own kind. I hadn't time to check out the band but surely i will. Comments were to harsh i must say but it was out of anger i reckon. Whatever kill the posers with hate.
    Indonesian Extreme metal community !!!

  8. 1st of all, You need to drop that "SELF-OBSESSED" attitude of yours!
    2nd, do you even KNOW what "DEMO" means?
    3rd, being a band manager does NOT make u a musician. Meaning that you don't get to talk SHIT about people who work their asses off to make good music while people like you sit on their ass criticizing and discouraging them with all your bullshit!
    Lastly, "Death" is NOT a Thrash Metal Band!!

    P.S - You just screwed yourself for life man!!

    Thanks :)

    i am familiar about Bangladeshi metal scene and so far i didn't find any of the bands I know from Bangladesh? who are those cheap bands which dont have adequate qualities for even playing in Bangladesh! Nepal is a good country for metal I agree, but so far i heard one band from bangladesh have played here in Bangalore and they are coming again while they have got opportunity to play in USA, anyways you may not like them. Keep in mind while you are representing your country to outsiders you must bear in mind that you should represent your quality acts, whether they be poser, but you should mention them.
    and last but not least who the fuck is NABIL !! is he a manager of Metallica? and you have mentioned your band who dont even have a release and planning to record demo with two cover song!!! FUCK ME!

  10. What the fuck!!!!!!
    Behead this bastard!!!