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Whore Torture (One man Slam from North Carolina, USA)

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Hello brutal heads, this morning EUMSN  exclusively catches the Zach from Whore Torture (One Man Band ) and sits down for a short Interview.

Vishal - What are you doing nowadays, any recordings, shows or tour?

Zach - Well right now I'm recording song after song, and uploading them on the internet. I am however planning a full length with "Nutzz Records" which will have my earlier songs on it. I'm hoping to release all my songs on physical CD's. But right now its still in the planning process, nothing is official. And I don't do any live performances, although I'd like to eventually.

Vishal - Can you tell us about the journey of your band till date?

- Well, I had been making Slam and Death metal for a while, just on my own, not sharing it online or anything. But I started to post some songs online and I got some good feedback. So I just decided to create a one man band out of it. I chose a name and from there on out every song I made was for this one man project. The name "Whore Torture" was an early idea, derived from my extreme hatred of sluts. So I thought it would be perfect for this one man Slam project. I love Slam and I had really specific ideas for songs and style. Not to mention all of the recording equipment. So after creating a Youtube and Facebook page for Whore Torture, I started to get some fans, people really started to like my shit. So I just kept on making songs and uploading them one by one as they were made. And thats pretty much what I've been doing until now.

Vishal - How it feels to be an one man underground metal band?

- It feels good, even though I don't have thousands of fans, the fans I DO have are just awesome, they really love and appreciate what I do and it feels great. I enjoy being a solo project because I can do everything my own way, and I don't have to wait for anyone to get their part of the work done.

Vishal - Well EUMSN would really appreciate if you tell us more about your music and recommend us some bands from your homeland?

- My music is basically pure Slam the way I see it. I try to take the best elements of Slam and put them together, I don't bother adding in stuff I don't like. I like simplicity and many many slams and less blastbeats, so thats what I do. I think the key to this type of Slam is to keep it simple, repetitive, and don't do anything just because you see other bands do it. Only do what YOU think sounds brutal. And don't be afraid of criticism. Some other great bands from the U.S. would be Swine Overlord, Devour The Unborn, Putrefying Cadaverment, Fiend, and many more.

Vishal - How is Local metal scene out there and Do you like it?

- The metal scene here isn't too big unfortunately. I feel like I'm the only Death metaller in my whole town. But who knows. There are a lot of great Death metal bands in the US but I think the scene is a lot larger in other countries.

Vishal - Ok, tell us where do our readers can buy your music and other merchandise?

- Right now, I have absolutely no merchandise. I'm trying to get shirts made but money is the biggest issue. I'm pretty poor at the moment. However I do have all of my songs up for free download at this link: …Like I said, a full length is being planned, so hopefully that will work out right.

Vishal - What are the future plans of Whore Torture?

- The future plans for Whore Torture include getting some shirts made, getting at least this first full length done, which will have maybe about the first 15 tracks I've made. And I want to release as many full lengths as it takes to get all my music on CD's. Also, I'm planning 2 split albums. One with Ingested Lobotomized Remains and Dislabia. And the other with Necrosectomy (which I'm also a part of), Swine Overlord, and Indigestible Suppuration.

Vishal - Do you hate anything?

- You mean besides sluts and whores? Yeah, the US government. But besides those, I don't really hate anything that everyone else doesn't hate.

Vishal - Which is the album you want to take inside your grave?

- Well, if I had to take an album inside my grave, it would have to be something by Devourment. I would say 1.3.8.

Vishal - Whore Torture is still unheard in Nepal, do you have any plans to come here?

- Well since I don't play live, I doubt theres any chance of me leaving the United States any time soon. But if I ever happen to be touring around the world I wouldn't mind going to Nepal!

Vishal - List of the Bands that you really appreciate from your homeland?

- Well the first and foremost is Devourment. They are ultimately my biggest inspiration. I also love and appreciate Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Autopsy, Putrefying Cadaverment, Condemned, Cephalotripsy, Decrepit Birth, Devour The Unborn. And believe me, I could go on. There are far too many bands to list.

Vishal - Beside Whore Torture you have any other band or projects?

- Yes. I also do drum programming and current vocals for Necrosectomy. I am also the guitarist and vocalist of Severe Disfigurement. I'm the current vocalist and drum programmer for Fetal Exhumation. I'm the drum programmer for a new band that is still in the works, called Caca Splatter (Goregrind). And most excitingly, I am starting another one man project called Stabbing Ritual. I'm planning to release a demo or ep (downloadable or CD) and a Facebook page once the logo is finished. It is Slam in the style of Devour The Unborn and Vulvectomy. With a similar vocal style to Diego Fanelli, in my opinion one of the greatest and unique vocalists out there next to Angel Ochoa.

Vishal - Can you tell us about your discographies?

- Well, my entire body of work is up for free download at Reverbnation, in addition to being on my Youtube page (username is WhoreTorture). I have around 40 songs. Each one dedicated to the hatred of whores.

Vishal - In near days if some bands from Nepal approaches to you for a Split Album, are you going to approve this?

- If any brutal band from Nepal or anywhere else wanted to do a split with Whore Torture, I would be thrilled. I've made a collaboration track with Calculated Barbarity, and like I said I'm currently involved in 2 more splits. I love to work with other bands.

Vishal - Lastly, a space for you anything EUMSN have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?

- All I have left to say is thank you to all the people who support me and love my music. And a special thanks to a guy called Arturo Dahmer Ramirez (on facebook), my biggest fan. Anyway thanks for taking an interest in Whore Torture. I hope this was a satisfying interview!

Killer Thanks to Zach for such a great words and I hope our readers are going to find his page in Facebook,  Youtube and Reverbnation and get his entire work for free. Support Underground, Spread Metal and Keep it Sick and Slam..Brutal forever \m/ 

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