Thursday, November 2, 2017

Promo Article about Extreme Tour 2017 feat. Dehydrated

Eumsn and it's shows represent the underground metal scale of Nepal and is widely acclaimed among the regular concert -goers and metal critics as well. And this time surely will be big enough to catch the attention of every extreme music lovers and they are very pleased to present this tour yet again in Nepal and India. The extreme music genre which is influenced mostly from Western culture seems to find its audience in Nepal and India too. This particular genre incorporates lyrics with philosophical stand point and social messages and music with mostly heavy bass, drums and of course a lot of electric guitars. The regular music fans who mostly listen to pop or folk or country music might be quick to term metal songs as just a loud, unnecesary noise and headbangs but just like any other music fans, the extreme metal fans are loyal too. In fact, fans of extreme metal music are one of the most loyal fans you can find among all of the genres. These fans can be anywhere from teenage to mid thirties. Above all, what makes the extreme metal music stand among other genres is that both the artists and audiences of extreme metal shares a close relationship and atmoshphere. For music industry with constantly evolving trends, music's live events have remained surprisingly static since the days of Eumsn's first show. That's about to change.
Just as television relies more and more on live events to drive revenue in the age of instant online availability, the music industry now turns more to shows. But that doesn't mean that the latest technology is antithetical to the live experience. In fact, music shows are seeing significant new commercial and experiential trends on the horizon.

Extreme Underground Metal Society of Nepal are on their highest part with upcoming Extreme Tour 2017 feat. Dehydrated from Siberia, Russia. This tour is organized with the aim of defining and shaping the extreme metal culture of Nepal back in 2013 from where there was no turning back for them and extreme metal heads as well. Soul Destroyer from Kathmandu will be joining them as a tour partner. The event is not only going to be held in Nepal only but in India as well. The show dates and locations are given as:-

In Nepal
26 Nov. Kathmandu - Sick Fest IV
28 Nov. Butwal - Extreme Gore Fest 2017
30 Nov. Itahari - Metal Mania 3rd

In India
2 Dec. Shillong - Extreme Slam Fest 2017
3 Dec. Bangalore - Death Damage Destruction II
4 Dec. Cochin - Vicious Riots Vol. III

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 Words by - Nysa / Manita

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