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Necrofilth (2 Pc Grindcore from New Delhi, India)

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Goodmorning to you all and Cristian Allen frontman/guitarist for this 2 Piece grind hailing from New Delhi, India answers to few questions of EUMSN this morning..

Eumsn / Can you tell us about the journey of your band till date?

Cristian / Necrofilth was formed in early 2012 by Mohammad Kabeer and myself, we started with only a few influences and no prior experience of playing grindcore, we both were previously a part of separate bands and decided to do what we both loved the most. We’ve recorded one live studio album. The sound on the first album was highly influenced by a few bands that we both liked, the likes of Anal Cunt, 7 Minutes of Nausea and Fear of God. It was very experimental and we were just kicking things off and having tons of fun with it. Currently we’re working on a new album, this time the songs are more structured and we’re giving it the time that it needs.

Eumsn / How it feels to be an underground band?

Cristian / It is a very satisfying feeling, the whole DIY approach appeals to both of us, and underground is where grindcore was born and evolved into what it is today even though we haven’t had any major contribution towards it we’re definitely proud of being a part of the scene.

Eumsn / Well EUMSN would really appreciate if you define your music and would love to hear which bands you guys will recommend to our EUMSN followers?

Cristian / Well, I always find it hard to define it in words, the first album was harsh abrasive and raw, it was in every way against traditional music and genre’s like Djent. We plan to keep it that way and make it better and less eardrum friendly.
Off the top of my head I would say, Mother Brain, Water torture, Blister Unit, Absvrdist, Cellgraft, Despise you, Hatred Surge, Parlamentarisk Sodomi the list could go on…

Eumsn / How is the local metal scene out there?

Cristian / It’s pretty dull compared to others, most kids here find genre’s like Djent and Metalcore stimulating.

Eumsn / Ok, tell us about your discogrpahy and where do our readers can buy it?

Cristian / So far we’ve only had one album, and a few singles, it’s all free to download you can get it off of our bandcamp page or on Youtube.

Eumsn / Do you have any plans to come in Nepal and play?

Cristian / It’d be killer to play in Nepal, I’ve seen a few shows there and there are some sick bands and a great crowd too.

Eumsn / We all hate something and it’s a human nature too, what do you hate most?

Cristian / I don’t even know where to begin, there’s a lot of things about society and people in general that I have strong feelings against. But in particular some of the things would be religion, the government and the population which opts into stupidity and are brainwashed beyond belief and it all adds up.

Eumsn / Which is the album you want to take inside your grave?

Cristian / It’s hard to pick any particular album over another, there are quite a few. Some of them would be, World Extermination by Insect Warfare, Napalm Death’s Scum and Mentally Murdered EP then there’s Nails with Unsilent Death, Magrudergrind S/T, Death Toll 80k - Harsh Realities, Six Brew Bantha S/T LP etc.

Eumsn / Lastly, a space for you anything EUMSN have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?

Cristian / Well I don’t have anything in particular to add, other than a shout out to all the killer bands in the underground scene, stay sick and keep kicking ass. Thanks.

Well, that was all from Cristian & Necrofilth and Yes, thanks a lot to Cristian and thanks to all our readers here and remember that you can buy their album ”Comprehension Of A Grindcore Opus” w/14 Tracks at bandcamp. Visit their official facebook and youtube pages to know them more.. Cheers all and Keep the Grind.. \ftw/ ..

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