Monday, April 8, 2013

Foul Body Autosy (Death Metal from Leicester)

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Kshitiz-Hey Tom, What are you doing nowadays?
-Well at the moment I am gearing up to release my fourth e.p which will be made available to purchase from UKEM records on the 1st of February 2013. I am also working out a set list and rehearsing for the gigs I have next year

You can pre order a copy from this link if you would like

Kshitiz-Tell the EUMSN (our community) followers about your project. Where are u from? Which year was your band formed? How did u think of coming up with one man brutality?
-My project is called Foul Body Autopsy it’s a one man band based in Leicester England formed in May 2010. I can’t take credit for the one man brutality / one man band thing because guys like Shawn Whitaker, Shaun LaCanne, & Sammy Urwin where doing it way before me. Also they are all way better than me to be honest they are fucking amazing at what they do.

Kshitiz-What’s something which makes FOUL BODY AUTOPSY good Death metal?
-I don’t think Foul Body Autopsy is a good death metal band haha

Kshitiz-What are your lyrical themes?
-I don’t have any set lyrical themes I just write about what I wana write about so some songs are about gore/horror some personal some are political so the lyrical content just depends on how I feel when I put pen to paper

Kshitiz-Which bands do u consider your inspirations?
-Well like allot of music so here is a list of bands that I think are fucking cool.The Acacia Strain, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Darkest Hour, Magrudergrind, Whitechapel, Behemoth, Aborted, Every Time I Die, Putrid Pile, Death, Viatrophy, Cancerous Womb, Basement Torture Killings, The Berzerker, Regurgitate Life, Necrophagist, 

Kshitiz-Being a part of the underground, how does it feel like?
-It’s cool I can’t complain people seem to like my music. I am lucky in the fact that I get some very good slots on very good gigs with bands I respect. So its cool being in the underground but it would be nice to bring the underground over ground. But I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.

Kshitiz-What is the greatest obstacle you have faced in your journey of music till date? How did you overcome it?
-By far the greatest obstacle that I have faced so far was being taken seriously as a musician in my home town. Because I was told by also of the other bands, musicians and promoters in the music scene that I was wasting my time and I should get a band.

But that just made me work harder so I could rub it in the fucking face one day. For the first two years of the band I was so pissed off with people talking shit anytime I would get a gig with any of the bands that talked shit about me I got on stage determined to make them look like pile of crap.

But I am not like that now I began to hate the man I was turning into I was very negative I hated playing live and I fucking hated the music scene in my home town. but now I just have fun with it I LOVE playing live again it’s so much fun and I know that I’m getting to where I wana be as a musician

Kshitiz-Any shows coming forward this new year?
-Yes there are some shows planned this is what I have so far

Feb 16th @ Glasgore Fest 2013
Feb 18th @ The O2 Leicester
March 2nd @ The Croft Bristol (Monsters Of Croft 3)
March 9th @ The Old Angel Nottingham

Kshitiz-For those who dont know you/your music, how would you direct them? Any links for getting your music?
-Yep!! here are some links if you would like to check me out

Band Camp
Music Video

New E.P Teaser

Kshitiz-How do you feel about playing in Nepal, would it be possible in near future?
-Yes I would like to why the hell not ..?

Kshitiz-A few words for your fans and supporters?
-Thanks for supporting and putting up with me I am very happy to be making music and playing live for you guys

Kshitiz-Anything u would like to say, apart from what i asked you during this interview?
-Yes please buy my new EP haha

Kshitiz-Thank you Tom for your valuable time. Your cooperation for our blog is really appreciated !
-No problem thanks for the interview!!