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Valuable Advice For Younger Musicians of Kathmandu

Music Education is a topic I have always taken seriously. Primarily because I never had a real life teacher to take ''regular'' lessons from until I started my Eastern Classical training due to certain circumstances. Like many of you out there I am an autodidact when it comes to western music i.e. the so called self taught kind. I do not consider myself a high level musician to be very honest as an extremely self critical bloke that I am. But my advice will save you a lot of money and time. Money one can redeem, time - never. I have seen my mother grow as a professional musician still learning under her mentors too. I have had the privilege to be in the company of some Grammy award winners/nominees from different genres. I have also worked with some of them. Work pertaining to music publishing/events, not performance. I have had extended talks with some world class musicians as mentors through the right connections. Let me share what I learnt from them. And let me maintain a very direct and a truthful stance.

- Don't go for cheapass music lessons under clueless teachers. That will ensure wrong learning and progessively a backward decline. Imagine having to relearn everything completely from the basics just because you were taught something wrongly and unsystematically.

- Why don't I (me) teach music in an institute though I teach a lot? (I teach but not in an institute and many folks ask me this question)

THE NEXT GENERATION OF EXTREMELY PROSPECTIVE YOUNG NEPALESE MUSICIANS SHOULD NOT BE TAUGHT BY UNDERQUALIFIED TUTORS. There is a reason why Germans invest millions of Euros on something that is called Musical Pedagogy. There is a reason why Nepalese Eastern Classical musicians cannot touch Indian musicians when it comes to performance level in the classical idiom. There is a reason why one can study Music Education for 4 years in a row in proper colleges.

Look at whom you are taking lessons from.

- If you want to read music effectively. Learn from someone who is at least a decent sight reader himself and has learnt to read music correctly and proper. even if he is self taught. If you want to be a professional classical or a jazz musician sight reading is an indispensable asset. Us Nepalese music teachers seriously lack on this aspect.

- If you are learning jazz or classical music under someone who is not a professional musician. If you are learning the so called 'serious music' under someone who is too young and inexperienced. Who hasn't been playing this music for at least 10 years. You are an absolute moron. You will discover it. One can take advice from anyone regardless of age and experience, do not confuse that with institutional learning.

- Musically illiterate people should not be teaching music theory. Lets talk functional harmony. Do you know why was the Harmonic Minor scale derived when there was already the Melodic Minor and the Natural Minor in diatonic harmony, okay its used to Harmonize but how is it done?

You will not find the answer to this very rudimentary and basic question in one book or on the internet. It will take a combination of books and some effective score analysis before you get all the answers. There are multiple answers to this question. Yes everyone knows its because the 7 is raised to become the Leading tone. But that doesn't suffice. There are deeper reasons.

What is the meaning of DIATONIC ? You will not find the answer in a single book or a music dictionary. The major scale we study is the diatonic major scale, but there is also the harmonic major scale. Its the Vth mode of the Lydian Diminished scale. So what is the difference? Why diatonic? It took me years to find proper answers from tonnes of books.

So if you go learn 'music theory' (mind it I don't mean music) with this regular Nepali hack guitar institute guy who doesn't know how to read multiple staves and who can't play basic keyboard (a must for all music college students abroad) you are rebuked for life. A music theory teacher who has nebulous and uncertain views on the subject.
Are you kidding me? PAY for good teachers.

Truth Number 1 - Unless its an exception and unless you have no other option. DON"T LEARN WESTERN MUSIC UNDER A NEPALI TEACHER. If you do choose erudite people like

Mr Kishor Gurung - B.M in Classical Guitar Performance, San Fransisco Conservatory of Music
Masters Degree in Ethnomusicology, University of Hawai
Ph.D (I am uncertain of the process currently)

He is not just a guitarist. he can teach your solfege, scoring, jazz harmony anything.

Mr Sharad Gurung - Bachelors Degree from Berklee College of Music, a Keyboardist

I remember as a kid discussing music with Sharad sir for 7 hours straight. Yes 7 hours. Even while I cooked chicken for his family. It was so engaging that I had to sleep in his house. I played the polychord chord on the classical guitar. He was drunk and from another room he yelled. Thats a chord from Stravinsky, Petrushka! I have literally punched 2 guys in their faces when they mentioned something about him which was false through their semi-informed unintelligent mouths. This happened many years back when i was in a very famous cafe.

Mr Raju Gurung - Bachelors Degree from Berklee College of Music, a drummer.

Mr Rupak Sahisamuda - Studied Western Classical Music in Vienna, Austria. The Degree has a German name so I refrain from mentioning it. Very helpful person. Has an extensive knowledge of Eastern Classical music too.

Classical Piano: Ms Mayo Shimonishi KJC. A very talented teacher. There are other teachers but they are too expensive and might not teach regularly. Go straight ahead to Mayo San. Unlike many piano teachers she has good technique, good reading and is also a very good teacher. She played the Piano reductions to concertos also a good chamber music player. I'd kill to take lessons from such a good teacher.

Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe, Concert Flute - Mr Mariano Abello - KJC.

Don't listen to rumors. he is strict but he is one of the best. You bitches tell me why not. I will educate you on why is he a very high level musician and an extremely able performer. Forget the khepa Nepali opinion

He plays and teaches - 1 Soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax.
2 Bass Clarinet, Clarinet in Bb
3 Concert Flute
4 some Oboe too.
Plays classical as well as jazz.

You motherfucking show me one person in Nepal.

- Who can play Be Bop standards with busy lines and complex tunes too. Can you play rhythm Changes at around 260bpm that too in the key of Ab? I have heard him do that.
- Who can fucking play the Glazunov saxophone concerto. I think he primarily sight read that live in Lincoln School. I have played wind instruments and I can guarantee a jazz player playing a piece of that level in such a short notice is truly commendable. This piece poses a challenge even for a Classical saxophonist. Especially around the altisismo register where I have seen professional musicians run out of breath.
- Who can play Bach's Sonatas in the same concert on the concert flute. (It can mess your embochure unless you are a high level Woodwind Doubler like Mr Mariano.)
- He is not just a regular sax guy.
- He also does some piano.
- Extremely good teacher, I swear to god.

When people have to deal with 'us' illiterate, disrespectful, lazy, uninformed Nepalese they have to maintain a strict stance. Its impossible to be cool and teach people seriously. He took me to a doctor and paid for my medicine when my right hand stopped working, I was not even his student. He gave me a theory book for free. A fat theory book which costs money. He also took me for lunch, teachers usually dont have to do that. I was in Hyatt all of you know how expensive that place is and I was hungry and broke that day, he bought a plate of momos and banged it on my table saying you need to eat maan. Thats for you. He talked to me for hours regarding musical direction. I respect him more than anybody else.

I told you about these incidents to let you know how truthful and generous he is as a person. I am no fanboy. But none does that around here. Unlike many Nepalese I know how to be grateful.

Bass Guitar - Marcus Dengate - KJC

He is not a college music graduate. But simply an encyclopedia of music. Illiterate like me motherfuckers should understand that he is not just a bass player..

- He has run a ballet company in Australia (which means an orchestra too, a full size orchestra)
- He is a very good accompanist on the piano.
- He writes lead sheets himself from memory, reharmonizes them instantly at performance level, at the speed of light niggas.
- He plays the Upright bass
- He plays Fretless bass with perfect intonation. And a killer on the electric bass.
- He has written hundreds of bigband scores
- I respect him as much as I respect my parents

I have seen some mediocre pianists who cannot play a proper line trying to criticize him because for many people when you play them busy 16th note groove on the bass, their hand freezes. and they blame their inability to groove and musical incompetence over someone else.

There are many severely talented Norwegian teachers in Nepal Music School too.

There is the Hagios school run by Koreans but its too expensive for many. Go to these places, learn under qualified pros. Fuck Nepali music teachers (I am one). I dont want to make a career stepping on a horde of misguided young Nepali musicians who could've been great musicians if were under proper guidance. And we dont have the right to teach things that we do not understand well enough in totality.

Earn, do side jobs. I did side jobs since I was 17. Selling instruments, being a tourist guide, freaking real estate at one point, professional counselling, sound technician and what not. Don't blame your parents. PAY for good teachers, and years later it will pay you back in higher amounts. Ramro teacher ko fees mahago huncha. You expect them to teach you for free when they paid so much for their education.

500 rupya ko classes lera 5 kaudi ko musician nabana bhaiharu. This is a very selfless, honest assesment of the music teaching scene in Nepal. Things need to change. I cannot see young guys full of promise landing under music teachers who do not have it in them to teach effectively.

And if you doubt the judgement of mine. Just a bit of my portfolio. My students..

Kiran Shahi drums - Jindabad and several projects
Bijay Shrestha - many projects, Urban Gypsy

Two of the best musicians in Nepal. Bros who are pros.

If you are paying a high amount, even 1000 rupees go under a well trained teacher. Most preferably not a Nepalese. I can openly challenge the knowledge of many of these so called teachers but won't because thats unprofessional and disrespectful. But whats more disrespectful is teaching wrong things to this new generation of extremely talented NEpalese musicians. You should quit your jobs and just play in bars.

There are many Nepalese like Pawan Tandukar - Rivals Institute, Pulchowk who are very good players and teachers though. He is also the guitar teacher of NMC.

All of this targets the western music scene. For the esatern classical music front we have many colleges and very qualified teachers to do the job. Dont go for cheap ass lessons. Please dont. It will negate your growth fellas.

Yours Sarthak Upadhyay.

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Band/Public Views about Brutal Lunch Box Vol. 2 (Tribute to Ugrakarma)

Official Event Link -

Brutal Lunch Box Vol. 2 - "Tribute to Ugrakarma (" featured following bands :-

1.) Narsamhar ""

2.) Broken Hymen ""

3.) Dying Out Flame ""

4.) Aakrosh ""

5.) Viral "" 

6.) Homicidal Bleed - " "

7.) Your Fathers -

8.) Serpent Gaze - "

9.) Raging Into Slut - ""

10.) Nude Terror - " "

Event was Supported By -

Rebel Events -


Venue - Funny Monkey Restro & Bar (

Early Promoters :-

Brutal Pokhara - ""

Metal Rebellion India -

Views about the GIG :-

Sunil Dev Panta - A big HORNS-UP to EUMSN and all the performing bands at Brutal Lunch Box yesterday.

We are deeply honored by the respect we received from all of you. All hails to Viral for the killer cover of Slaughtersword Deathbringer.

Only a Death Metal gig in Kathmandu could witness the most intense most-pit ever, girls moshing harder than the guys, Broken Hymen's guitarist Aditya Shakya performing in wheelchair, a hall full of dedicated metalheads...blood, sweat, and pain.

Keep the eternal fires of Death Metal burning forever!!!!!!!

After Gig

Bibek Bhattarai  - To organise a gig is not a joke you need every sort of manpower and also nowadays Nepali Police policy is against the loud music. Without caring the rules our EUMSN organised a gig in Kathmandu which was Brutal lunch Box II and it was a fully packed killing machine ha..ha.. It was the most Sickest pit that ever happened in Kathmandu. There is combination of all types of bomb (Metalheads), who are only there for the destruction. And for the man (Aditya of Broken Hymen) who played in Wheelchair; Salute, no words for such daring person. On such pits only true metalhead can survive. posers will be dead in that pit.

Sabin Lama -  Brutal Lunch Box Vol. 2 ta ekdam sick and wild thiyo, estai indoor gig haru le garda Death Metal ko scene badi rako cha, such event seems PURE UNDERGROUND comparing to other out door gigs. SapaI Death Metal bands vaera gig was more sick and wild. PURE UNDERGROUND in Nepal. Ani esto gig ma punk and rock band rakhyo vani jhur pani huda raexa vani buje ha..ha..ha..Ani BLB ma aune crowd ra aru outdoor gig ma aune crowd ma pani farak cha. And it was the first gig where a guitarist (Aditya of Broken Hymen) came and played in wheelchair, its history for Underground in Nepal.

Sanjay DMWar - Yeah, fucking sick show, hope to see Next Instalment soon, total support.

Nakchu Gurung - Thumbs Up!!

Utsav Shrestha
- Brutal Lunch Box should be continued, once in a while, the best part is that the band and the crowd stand on the same ground on the same fucking level, and that's what holds us strong the band will never matter if it aint for the crowd. It was the greatest single moment of my life to play alongside my favorite bands and paying tribute to the legends. and if any time the musicians would play on a stage looking down to the audience in a brutal lunch box, that is the day that the gig dies. haha

Prasidha Roka
- The gig was sick as fuck, truly underground. The aroma, the spirit, the crowd, the mosh never synced better. Bravo!

Nikita Shrestha - It was grreat but not as before.I still miss Vol. 1, the crowd was awesome, bands were good but, somewhere you know ..but, BLB pit will always remain sickest pit, ever. Everyone was moshing, headbanging, screaming..AWESOME BANDS..No to fag band in BLB brother, no offense. I saw a boy wearing "swag" cap and showing his movies when that punk band was playing..he..he.. 

Sneha Dhakal - BLB1 gako thena but BLB 2 was sick totally underground all bands were killer horns up to all bands played over there\m/ it was brutual as it is said venue chai sano ho crowd ko comparision ma management was nice and now eagerly waiting for BLB 3 and bro diz time we will gonna headbang together \m/ jai metal\m/

Roshu Saitan Roseaee - It was totally sick and its was first gig who have tribute to Ugrakarma brothers..all band was killer.

Pratap Rava - Brutal lunch box was an awesome gig for our band .... tyo sanoo thau ma moshing garna chai aatii ramailo vako thiyoo, overall a great GIG indeed !!!!

Sagar Gurung - The show was amazing. I must appreciate the Brutal lunch Box series... All death metal players. But we had a little disappoint at that time because we couldn't play our whole numbers, Bastards Nepali police.... Anyway my best wishes to Brutal Lunch Box for further killer show.. \m/

Apocalyptic Devastation Coa - It was brutal for sure.

Amit Lamsal - The gig was great! Because the lineups were fucking awesome and all the members of the ugrakarma witnessed the gig as they appeared in the gig and watched all the bands performing. I also enjoyed this one a lot because all the aspects of this were great! The bands, the crowd, the mosh, the sound. Brutal Lunch Box Vol. 2 tribute to ugrakarma was one of the finest gig which i attended and i think this kind of kickass gig should be organize in future also. All my thanks to EUMSN for a memorable gig and best wishes for future. Long live death metal and keep on fucking supporting death metal.

Jebish Akerfildt It was brutal like its name... Line up was sick!! tara tyo venue halka sano bho sabai jana suffocated bho jasto feel vo!! Overall it was great gig. 

Sarbesh -  I am very grateful to the organizers for giving me the opportunity to perform at BLB2.I was able to interact and observe other outstanding death metal artists as well as having the pleasure to perform with them live on stage. The turnout of metal heads was amazing; the crowd was large then expected. The wild moshing ,headbanging and the true appreciation of death metal gave me a revived love for my music. I am eagerly anticipating BLB3…….and keep supporting metal …\m/

Narsamhar in Action.

Sagar - Almost everything was awesome...nice venue but was a bit smalll... Nice management of the venue must say thorai place ko pani ramro sadhupayog hahaha... every band performed sooo good it was our pleasure to perform with them .cops le gidi garera ni gig was not canceled. and the last one whatever happens this kind of gig most go on jai metal.

John Newa - BLB Vol. 2 was a great experience , playing with bands like Aakrosh, Broken Hymen, Narsamhar was really good for us. The wild mosh it was awesome and ha..ha..and my helmet -- You know it dai.

Amarihsah Ujnes - Ramailai vo malai ta bro,tho cops lae chai rage handio,ani Broken Hymen ko guitarist lai chai mero respect,j hos BLB mahh ayera testo devoted manchae haru ni scene mah raecha vanaera thavo...arko palii chai ali thuloo thau khojnu paryo,manchae ataena asti ko thauma..abo deki BLB mahh extreme band haru ko lineup huna paryo wannabe slam ra punk haru lai rakhna vayaena, BLB2 mahh chai chuttai maza thio tara j hoss,hami paisa bina ko real show garnae autta group jasto feel vo.

Nocturnal Pain -  BLB 2 was one one of the sickest and brutal gig with many extreme bands of Nepal. Nude Terror is honoured and thankful to be part the of it. It was a hell of a gig with true underground metalheads. The moshpit was insane, girls moshing harder then boys. Evey band was throwing different atmosphere, its like something which has never been before in NEPAL's underground scene. Wow man this is true underground and the true fucking metal heads. The crowd in BLB2 was totally different then any other gigs. So, we decided tho throw something really heavy for this peoples, though we have to cut our set list because of our beloved Govt.' , but still it was really so fun and honour to play in BLB2 even we fucked up while playing.  We want thank all the people for the support and we want to thank Vishal Da (Waak Thuu) behind this show.thank you.....jai Nepal.

Aabeg Gautam -  According to me, BLB is one of the extreme festival for Underground Scene..BLB is to bring the underground scene the best and extreme death metal bands the underground has to really look for...BLB has been the pinnacle event of the Nepali Extreme Metal Community for 1 years. And each year it feels that this juggernaut not only offers dedicated and really promising death metal bands on the bill but also welcomes larger numbers of real fans.the show organiser Vishal brother's passion and professionalism were on display throughout the gig..and with its underground buzz growing,it's no question this event will continue to be a force to be reckoned with... also , i m so proud to be the part of EUMSN family...

Chadni - BLB has never been a dissapointment to metalheads.Its always been a great gig for underground metal scene! BLB Vol. 1 was the killer gig where real extreme metal bands played! BLB Vol. 2 is the sickest gig i ever attended in Nepal, truly awesome! I witness the real metal , saw the real passion for metal music! tribute to Ugrakarma - performed by killer underground bands - cover done by Viral - dedicated numbers by Nude terror and Dying Out Flame, insane headbangning and most killer thing is Ktm witnessed true metalheads ; Urgrakarma members saw girls headbanging ; mosshing harder then boys in BLB Vol. 2 ! BLB event have also attracted lots of girls to come and rule metal music. only true metal head comes to BLB! BLB Vol. 2 gave birth to new mind rapping grind band NUDE TERROR! BLB event is the one of the real gig that ever happened in Ktm, without Vishal brother professionalism in underground metal scene would be same as other normal gigs. Killer thanx to Vishal brother for organizing such gig! I support metal music.I support EUMSN events! can't wait for EXTREME BRUTAL LUNCH BOX 3! 

Dying Out Flame

Binish Timilsina -  Brutal Lunch Box Vol 2, brought a massive crowd with satisfying equipment and stuffs for bands respectively..As BLB gig ws tightened by death metal bands, venue seems somehow suitable ra j hos dhaana chai sake cha brutal crowd lai,but i guess it was lacking systematized operation, because chief of BLB was hurried more for solving any case rather it was to be authorized and implement, simple works by assistance of chief.. And overala all bands endure they just need quality system and brutal crowd nothing more than that , as people in gig too crystalized by there blind rooted indulgement in brutal metal music. And i dont think the BLB is going to go out of style because it is not made for style but for rejuvenate and energies with grunt over every soul of Nepali Underground Scene\m/

Bishal Pradhan -  The first and only gig organized as a tribute to the pioneers of Nepali Death Metal - UGRAKARMA.The heaviest and the brutal gig admitted by the pioneer of Nepali metal scene themselves , what more can i say but yea horns to the crowd, the best crowd i have seen so far in the scene ,very supportive as well as brutal. Brutal in the sense small space who gives a damn lets moshpit . Appreciate the bands who played the gig truly awesome,despite of the cops interference the bands supported the gig and carried on with their stuff and the thing that i liked was when the bands cut their set due to the lack of time so all the bands could play the gig .And yes master Aditya Sakhya of Broken Hymn horns up for him and best wishes for his quick recovery. At last a big thank you to my brother Vishal Rai the organizer of the gig and the supporting hands without whom bands around could not have gotten the chance to play or heard in their beginning or say learning stage .Today young guns can get opportunity to play infront of the mass and can learn so much about the music and yes they can rely on brothers like Vishal Rai,Saurab dai and all others of E.U.M.S.N for feedback and help in music. Yes, Stay true to your music,have faith in the music that you compose. As said by Bela Bartok," Competitions are for horses, not for artists."

Nischal Kc -  Fucking sick crowd ever in Nepali Underground Scene, best moment to build up brotherhood with metalheads, a sort of family party, every bands got a Brutal Dick. So much FUN!

Vishal Vof -  So, most awaited Death Metal gig Brutal Lunch Box Vol. 2 "Tribute to Ugrakarma" is over and, I really want to send my thanks and regards to every bands and individual who came out there to pay tribute to Ugrakarma.. thanks to all the brothers and sisters who worked hard along with me to put this fest, thanks to Bishu Da for venue and Bikrant Da for sound in short notice..thanks to Saurab for his immense support and help towards us, thansk to Ugrakarma and Kiran Da for showing up..and also thanks to all the bands for cutting off their set at mutual understanding..thanks to those girls who moshed harder than boys, thanks to that wild and sick crowd - I must say you peoples are real because, you just broke someone helmet.. ha..ha.. thanks for coming out for smoke, thanks for buying tickets and respecting the show..thanks for saying, now we want Vol. 3 (I will try my best to bring back Fall and Calamitian in this episode with original lineup).. and FUCK TO THAT BEAUTY PARLOUR - FUCK YOU BITCH FOR YOUR CONTINIOUS COMPLAINT ABOUT GENERATOR & FUCK THAT COP WHO DRAGGED ME AND WANTED TO STOP THE SHOW and FUCK THEM HARDER FOR TAKING Ensane..and really, sorry to Ensane ..but, still a huge thanks to Raa La and him for their company..Yes, I feel so proud and glad after this Fest because, everyone out there was moshing like a beast and they never missed a single band..they wanted more and more Growls..really, you guys are fucking beasts that you really have so much energy to be with every respect! and I am really sorry if gig has some defects as you know, there was some disturbance that showed up..Cheers everyone and I hope to see the same crowd at Vol. 3 \,,/ - this show was really special because, it was first ever Ugrakarma tribute gig and also Aditya playing in wheelchair was so emotional .. this thing will never happen again.. anyway, hope to see you all in Vol. 3 \m/

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Review of Corporate Death Review of Corporate Death- Angels and Worms

Listen One of the track here :-

Corporate Death is a Brutal Death metal metal from Brazil. These guys are great with sick blend of Brutality and some techy stuff in their songs.Just recently i got their new album ANGELS AND WORMS.

I gotta say i got myself a new fucking band ! The album is really amazingly done. The vocals are deep growls and grunts and the riffs are really badass. The drums is an amazing plus point for this band ! But in some songs, i felt the vocals just failed. The seventh track of the album Symmetric imperfection is the best track in the album so far.This band has done the production really well . Great quality an they have focused more on making it techy and brutal. Listeners will get an eargasm for sure..!! 

Overall, the riffs and drums are the main things that make this band fucking destructive. Id say vocals need to be improved, although they are brutal, but not brutal enough. This album is a must for brutal death metal fans who are very fond of bands like Suffocation and origin etc. I see this album hadnt much been into spotlight, but i recommend you to check this out ! I really think this is one of the best release of 2013 so far.
Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by, Kshitiz Lamsal
Official Facebook Page -

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Review of Defeated Sanity official - Passages Into Deformity (Willowtip Records)

Official Band Page -

Official Label Page -

Listen one of the track from the album here :-

The gods of Germany ''Defeated Sanity'' are back with their fourth opus ''Passages Into Deformity''! Unlike their previous works, this new album is much more focused on Technical Death Fucking Metal and much less on the brutal side, as well as the musical parts are more accessible! Production is for much coz its a fucking perfect sound and all the instruments are favored at their highest fucking level, we cum from the fucking ears for sure! Christian Kuhn on guitar and Konstantin Luhring on vocals makes a very fucking good job, insane and catchy fucking riffs from Christian, and a diversified vocals of Konstantin from Death Metal to more Brutal Death Metal! Now I think what makes this album fucking great is the job of Jacob Schmidt on bass and Lille Gruber with drums, Jacob is just really fucking impressive and give us the feeling to make one with his fucking bass as well as Lille which cant be more tight and straight in your face! These two people make this a unique fucking shit and make this record much more interesting for the fans of the Technical Death Fucking Metal! The big negative point in my opinion is the fact that they are away from the Brutal Death Metal and the album have a lot of slow fucking moments and there is a lack for sure in the brutality and aggressiveness but the album is still well balanced with times faster! Despite this major flaw for me, the album is fucking amazing and the work is very mature and fucking accomplished by these geniuses of the sickness and this a must for any individuals near or far to the Death Fucking Metal! A fucking surprising disk that will mark the 2013 year!


Review by, Andrew Talbot

Official Review Page -

Review of Katalepsy - Autopsychosis (Unique Leader Records)

Official Band Page -

Official Label Page -

Listen the Full Album here :-

From Russia, Katalepsy back with a first ''real'' full-length named ''Autopsychosis''. I'm not really into the Technical Death Metal except for the great albums, and this one make part of it! This record contains all the fucking elements that are the Death fucking Metal in a grand manner, we can find also, according to some person, some riffs influenced by the core but in my opinion, there is no core here is all about the Death Metal! This is an album that may sound a little shitty ''commercial'' when compared to their first ''full'' but rather an album that sounds ultra modern executed of a fucking ingenious way! The musical side of the album is just fucking great, guitars, bass & drums are just perfect and the sound is completely successful! Igor from ''Big End Bolt'' is the new vocalist for Katalepsy have did an fucking amazing job, it takes us a few minutes to forget the vocals a little less good than their previous EP from Mirus. The album is diversified in all fucking aspects, guitars riffs, drums, vocals, everything is greatly performed and makes a unique fucking record for its originality and mixture of styles! Obviously, there is a negative point to the album is on his side sometimes annoying during listening but can go one way very well, as I said earlier, coz of its diverse side! ''Autopsychosis'' is fucking great in almost every fucking way and is really an album to check for those who have not done it yet! Its worth the few dollars... Awesome disk!


Review by, Andrew Talbot

Official Review Page -

Review of Goemagot - Eradication of Insignificant Beings (Sevared Records)

Official Band Page -

Official Label Page -

Listen the Full Album here :-

Slamming/Groovy/Technical/Melodic/Brutal/Death Fucking Metal, all the ingredients are there to make ''Eradication of Insignificant Beings'' an amazing fucking album! Goemagot deliver us their first full-length and is really accomplished of a great way coz the album sound totally perfect for the genre and the songs are performed very well. Much person to categorize this album as a Slamming album but I dont agree coz I found many more elements than the slamming itself, obviously it contains lot of slam riffs but this is not what is privileged here! As for music, vocals, drums, bass and guitars are just great, nothing negative to say about any aspect of the instruments or vocals, all is just fucking insane! The album is very well balanced between brutality and slower parts.''Eradication of Insignificant Beings'' contains tracks worse than others which makes a small negative side but the real downside in my opinion is that I think the song entitled ''Beg for Extinction'' is too on this record, fortunately for me, this is the last song and doesnt break the momentum of all this shit! The album is quite fucking awesome as a whole and makes that shit unique, creative and impressive despite these moments a little lower,Its a real fucking orgasm for the ears! If you like cum from your shitty ears, you've interest to get this disk with its modern sound and high fucking quality music!


Review by, Andrew Talbot

Official Review Page -  

Review of Expurgate - Dementia Tremens (Comatose Music)

Official Band Page -

Official Label Page -

Listen the Full Album here :-

Descended directly from the cannabis heaven, Colorado (U.S.A.), Expurgate spits us their highly anticipated fucking debut album ''Dementia Tremens''! The album in itself is a very good quality and gives us a lot more in the style Slamming Brutal Death Metal with some groovy parts and fast times with a fucking heavy sound but perhaps lacking a little bit of sick power coz the end result is a bit bland! The sound of drums and bass are particularly successful, the bass sound is totally fucking awesome and can be distinguished clearly from the rest of the shit! The guttural vocals interpreted by Jaymes are very good but the parts more Death Metal are really not good and break the brutality of the moment! ''Dementia Tremens'' is a fucking good disk, but the songs dont really have riffs that will stick in our head and as I said before, the album lacks a bit of power in his production and the songs lack much brutality! The duration of the album for me is not a factor, its 22 minutes and can piss off some people but personally I find it perfect for listening to the album very well from A to Z without problem! The disk doesnt mark the minds as well as other albums that will emerge in 2013, but I think it deserves a listen to all the brutal fucking heads even if its not an essential element in the Brutal Death Fucking Metal! Good record!


Review by, Andrew Talbot

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Review of Carnivore Diprosopus - Condemned By The Alliance (Sevared Records)

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What a fucking Bomb! Carnivore Diprosopus comes from Colombia and is now settled in Spain with a new line-up but still very faithful to the goals that the band had in the past with his own fucking sickness! ''Condemned by the Alliance'' is their third album and when you listen this wall of shit, its a bunch of punches in the face that you receive, coz the sound of the album is just totally perfect, fucking heavy and brutal. The bass is very present and the sound of the drums is just awesome with one of the best bass drums sound I heard and the drums performance of Wilson is flawless! A real kick in the fucking ass! The guitar riffs are almost all hallucinating and really well executed by Ignacio and Andres and giving us a real lesson in brutality. Oscar is back with his eternal guttural sick fucking vocals and really effective, remaining faithful to the origins of Carnivore Diprosopus! The songs are for the most fucking exceptional and in each of them there are catchy elements and mix of the fast parts incorporating parts slower but still mainly fast except for a couple of songs where the slowness is dominant! As I said, almost all the songs are awesome but the downside of this album is that we also found some boring parts, which I think used to assay the album but for me, it cuts the atmosphere and momentum of the album! Despite this negative point, ''Condemned by the Alliance'' is a great fucking album in all perspective and deserve to be heard by all fans of brutality in this shitty crazy world! Its a crime against humanity not to have this album in his possession, Killer fucking shit!


Review By, Andrew Talbot

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Review of Coprocephalic - Gluttonous Chunks (INHERITED SUFFERING RECORDS/Anopsys Records)

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After almost one fucking year of waiting, the album ''Gluttonous Chunks'' from Coprocephalic is finally recorded and mark the history of Brutal Death fucking Metal in a branch a little more Slamming! The CD contains 10 songs, including one cover song of the band Wormed with one of their best song ''Pulses in Rhombus Forms'' executed of a grandiose way and Coprocephalic gives a wonderful tribute to the band! The band is composed of the unique and fucking crazy Larry Wang (Gorepot) on vocals, Christiani Peluso (Cerebral Engorgement) on guitars and I think the band uses two other members for the shows that are, Mario Pena (Condemned) on bass and Hsuan Liu (GCC) on drums! We cant expect better from Larry with his vocals fucking guttural and sick which is perfect. Christiani Peluso on guitars is just awesome, the sound is just fucking great and the guitar parts who are of an ingenuity that makes music on the album a side completely original for his technique and aggressiveness in several passages! The drum machine on this album is just so fucking amazing, the sound of drums is one of the best I've heard so far and fits entirely with the original disk. ''Gluttonous Chunks'' is the perfect demonstration who is possible to make discs of Slamming being original as fuck and fucking technique, coz this record is very modern Brutal Death Metal, mainly coz of their fantastic sound that sounds like a ton of bricks! A unique album that any fans of Brutal Death Metal must have coz its fucking effective and ingenious! I dont give a perfect score to this shit just coz its not quite perfect at all points only such as the fact that some songs are better than others but no one are bad!!! Great Disk!!


Review by, Andrew Talbot

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Review of Devourment - Conceived in Sewage (Relapse Records)

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These legends of Texas are back with a fourth album entitled ''Conceived in Sewage''. Devourment leave the world of Brutal Death Metal to something more contemporary Death Metal and I dont compare this album to their past slamming shits but I can say that he has no slamming part except the slower sections but nothing to do with the fucking slam! First, this album is lyrically speaking very poor coz of these titles and lyrics very simplistic and ''déjà-vu'' thousand of times and Mike Majewski sings much more Death Metal standard than Brutal Death Metal coz, as I said above, this is totally a Death Metal album with some fast times like all albums of this style! Unfortunately, I found no fucking riffs that make me have a boner and they are very poor musically in my opinion of course and have no great moment as in Butcher and Unleash. Parts of drums are boring but very well executed by Erik Park (Suture), which is a great drummer for the American scene! Very difficult for me to find positive points in the album, but I particularly like the songs ''Legalize Homicide'' and ''Parasitic Eruption'' even if they have nothing exceptional but with them, the album is not completly sucks and the sound of the album is still good but lacks a bit of shitty power! I think its normal for a band in a long career have completely fucking failed an album without to mention to be on Relapse but I want the best for Devourment coz they are talented musicians and albums deserve greater quality than the last two! An album that I obviously recommend for the ''true'' Devourment fans following their career from the start, but for others, this is an album to forget!


Review by, Andrew Talbot

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Review of Meathook - Facing Deformity (Ossuary Industries)

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Meathook came directly from the slaughterhouses in Arizona offer us their second full album titled ''Facing Deformity''. I make no comparison with the first album coz I want to criticize it as a single entity, but I can say its in the same spirit that the new album, a piece of basic raw brutality who sound like a tons of shit! Also, the cover art is very effective within the same concept between the both and executed by the mighty Zig! The guitar riffs are all excellent without exception with no boring times and are a real fucking bomb, Robin & Aaron did a great job! The drums on the record sound fucking awesome and almost perfect and is composed of blast beats but greatly transformed in part slower and Johny is a great drummer that deserves much more visibility! Unfortunately I dont know who is the person who is in the bass on the album but I think this is the only weak point of the album, not coz the work of bassist but coz of the production but obviously I feel a bit harsh coz the album sounds really great! ''Facing Deformity'' lasts 28 minutes and gives us the impression of his last 10 had effective to immerse ourselves in their insane butchering fucking rites which I think is a mix between Tx and Cal style and remains completely faithful to the true origins of Brutal Death Metal! The vocals of Mars is very good and make us feel the essence of the Old School fucking sickness and contribute to this gold album that everyone serious in the scene must have coz its a staple in the genre and an opus who reminds us the great time of the brutality!


Review by, Andrew Talbot

Review of Devangelic (Self Released Promo 2012) by, Andrew Talbot

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Devangelic gives us a piece of music totally anti-Christian and full of fucking hate! Mario Di Giambattista on Guitars (Vulvectomy, Coprophiliac...), Alessandro Santilli on drums (Necrotorture...), David Cetorelli on bass (Coprophiliac, Indecent Excision...) and finally, Paolo Chiti on vocals from Putridity (ita)! This band from Italy gives us a promo of 2 songs inspired by bands like Disgorge, Condemned, Cinerary... and is quite brilliant in its conception songs that are, incidentally, very brutal but keeping a balance between the blast beats and slow parts! First time I listened to this disk, it reminded me ''Consume the Forsaken'' of Disgorge (USA) had to the atmosphere that the album gives us and also the songwritings and made me also remind Abhorrent Castigation of their promo for their raw brutality! The sound of this promo is just fukin great If you think about Its only a promo, the bass sound is fucking present, you feel fukin it in your fukin veins, the sound of the drums is just fukin great and adding to it, the great Alessandro! This record of 2 songs is really excellent coz all the riffs are technically catchy and really very well made and is very difficult or impossible to find a weak point except the only bad little thing is in the fact I always find the vocals a bit redundant of Paolo but nothing of unbearable. This is a vocalist I respect at the highest point despite his linear side. A sick hateful anti religion disk recommended for fans of Disgorge (USA) and a fucking must have, you need to get it before its sold out!!!!! Two fucking horns up! 9/10.

Reviewed by - Andrew Talbot

Friday, May 3, 2013

Death Metal (Hot to Appreciate Death Metal)

While most people associate death metal music with a bunch of guys screaming and creating random noise, there's a multitude of reasons why this genre maintains a strong following and earns the fierce loyalty of many listeners worldwide. Here's why.

Listen beyond the tearing guitars and unusual vocals. Although the rough guitar sound and guttural vocals that permeate much of death metal can take a little getting used to (especially if your ears are accustomed to softer sounds), it's more than just idiotic noise. There are melodies, patterns, and complexities to be realized and appreciated if enough time is spent soaking it all in.

Watch a live death metal performance. Observe how the group members manipulate the instruments. It can be quite an experience especially since the shows are often small and you can walk near or behind the stage to observe the musicians up close. If you've ever tried to play those instruments yourself, you'll probably be amazed with how skillfully they play. It takes practice and dedication, which challenges the stereotype of metal heads being lazy and careless. You might also be surprised about how energetic some of the performers are.

Remember that in death metal, unlike many other genres, each band almost always writes their own music. That includes the riffs, drums, solos, and lyrics
.Writing your own music demonstrates another dimension of instrumental mastery and talent, as well as making the music more personal and less manufactured.

Don't take the context and subject matter personally. Death metal lyrics and themes aren't intended to be taken literally. They document the outer extremes of human experience which other genres don't dare touch, such as the motivations of serial killers, the activities of the walking dead, death itself, and isolation. Also, many bands will cover other topics not usually associated with death, such as Norse mythology. Many bands explore political and religious issues, and write about historical events

Keep in mind that some death metal lyrics, especially the gore and brutal varieties, often, but not always, elaborate on the details of extreme acts, including mutilation, dissection, rape and necrophilia. Use your best judgment, including independent online band and album reviews, as well as skimming lyrical content before buying, if you are particularly concerned about the issue.

Be careful not to completely rule out a listening test based solely on lyrical content. Many online music stores have thirty-second clips that can demonstrate the groove of a song, and if the musical content sparks your interest, perhaps the lyrics can be taken more lightly.

Look up the lyrics. A common misconception of heavy metal is that all heavy metal bands lyrics are very vulgar, using a lot of bad language. You might be surprised by the complexity and large vocabulary found in the lyrics in some death metal bands.

Learn about the sub-genres. Not all death metal is the same. The genre contains many sub-genres that can frequently mix and intermingle with each other. As a result, it may be difficult to ascribe a band under a single sub-genre. Here's a general guideline to get you started:

Blackened - adopts thematic and musical elements of black metal: Akercocke, Behemoth, Belphegor, Dissection, God Dethroned, Firdous Angelcorpse, Sacramentum, Zyklon, Crimson Thorn and many others
Brutal: Cannibal Corpse, Cryptopsy, Blood Red Throne, Deeds of Flesh, Degrade, Deranged, Disavowed, Disgorge, Guttural Secrete, Hate Eternal, Immolation, Internal Suffering, Krisiun, Origin, Skinless, Spawn of Possession, Suffocation, The Genocide Architect, Wormed and many others.

Death/Doom - slow tempos, melancholic atmosphere, deep growling vocals double-kick drumming: Anathema (earlier works), Asphyx, Autopsy, Disembowelment, My Dying Bride, Swallow the Sun and Winter.

Goregrind/Deathgrind - intense, brief, rare guitar solos, more prominent shrieked vocals: Aborted, Carcass (earlier work), Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, Anal Bleeding, Guttural Engorgement, XXX Maniak.

Melodic - Iron Maiden-esque guitar harmonies and melodies with typically higher-pitched growls: Children Of Bodom (earlier work), Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, The Black Dahlia Murder, At Odds with God, At the Gates, Carcass (later work), Dark Tranquillity, Desultory, Dethklok, Disarmonia Mundi, Ensiferum, Hilastherion, Hypocrisy, Immortal Souls, Kalmah, Norther, Souls, In Flames (earlier work), Sacrilege, Wintersun, Scar Symmetry, Insomnium, Noumena, Rapture, and Daylight Dies.

Symphonic - Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Nightsleep and Septic Flesh.

Technical/Progressive - dynamic song structures, uncommon time signatures, sometimes includes clean vocals and acoustic guitars, atypical rhythms and unusual harmonies and melodies: The Agonist, Amoral (earlier work), Arsis, Beneath The Massacre, Brain Drill, Cryptopsy, Cynic, Death, Decapitated, Gorguts, Immolation, Job for a Cowboy, Necrophagist, Nile, Ominous, Opeth, Origin, Pestilence, Psycroptic, Sleep terror, Spawn of Possession, The Faceless, Visceral Bleeding, Meshuggah, PsyOpus.

Deathcore - Low-tuned guitars, Pigsqueal (bree) vocals, Breakdowns, Includes Metalcore/Punk Elements: All Shall Perish, Betraying the Martyrs, Born of Osiris, Bring me the Horizon (earlier work), CARNIFEX, Chelsea Grin, Cryptopsy (later work), Dr. Acula, Emmure, In Dying Arms, Job for a Cowboy, iwrestledabearonce, KING CONQUER, Knights of the Abyss, Oceano (later work), Suicide Silence, Thy Art is Murder, Upon a Burning Body, Veil of Maya, Whitechapel, and Winds of Plague.

Respect the artists. The greatest death metal musicians almost can't make a living with what they do, and yet the musicians in these bands continue on in spite of their obscurity. Death metal is so non-mainstream that its musicians have to work incredibly hard for their career sales to reach even a million copies (which very few death metal musicians have actually done). Many death metal musicians are highly intelligent people with comprehensive musical training.


1.) Keep in mind that all genres and sub-genres are under heated debate, so do not adhere to a single definition too seriously.

2.) Many people call Death Metal and other genres with guttural vocals "SCREAMO". It is not. Screamo is a sub-genre of Punk.

3.) Many excellent death metal bands never had a big record company behind them to support and promote their music. They are hidden treasures. Look around and discover what's mostly ignored.


Do not take all things you hear in the lyrics of a death metal song seriously. This is especially true with bands like Cannibal Corpse. Use discretion when listening to songs like "Meat Hook Sodomy" and "Hammer Smashed Face" (both songs by Cannibal Corpse). Cannibal Corpse, among other bands, have even said their lyrics are totally fictional and not to be followed. These songs and all other extreme death metal songs are entirely works of fiction and are not condoned by the authors or the band.

On a practical note, death metal is not a good approach to understanding death.

Source - Net, Wiki etc.