Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wakk Thuu (Grind/Death/Noise from Kathmandu, Nepal)

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Name your favorite band, and I guarantee you will find at least five other bands (possibly even within the same genre) with the exact same name, or something very similar. Wakk Thuu from Kathmandu, Nepal obviously does not have to ever worry about being confused with any other band. Not simply because of the name, but because of their unique brand of Metal. Listening to their music, you might cons ider them to be more noise than music, and they might agree with you. What matters most to Wakk Thuu is creating sounds that not only appeal to their countrymen in Kathmandu, but across the world.
The band began forming in March of 2012, but did not fully come together until April. Vocalist Vishal met Jayram who was playing drums in another band called Fall. It was he who introduced Vishal to Hatebook guitarist Rozan, then a mutual friend introduced them to Define Mental bassist Prashant. Together they formed an alliance, determined to make their mark on the Metal scene in their country and the surrounding region. They have begun their assault across Kathmandu and India with four shows to date: Kalodin EP Release, Jamsthan Vol.2, Metalloid Fest (Kathmandu), and Disharmony 3 (Pokhara). Starting in September, they are scheduled to perform at Death Feast 1, Khera Khau (Kathmandu), and Head Bangers Assault (Darjeeling, India).
Don’t expect any Wakk Thuu cd;’s or mp3’s. The only way to hear the band is either live, or via Youtube video uploads. If you’re looking for something you can sing along to, forget about it! Wakk Thuu roughly translates to “disgusting behavior”, and their music reflects their name. They don’t care what you think, they don’t care what you say. The only thing Wakk Thuu expects you to do is remain still while they assault your ears, and rape your mind!

By, Patrick D. Chappelle (Thunderbreath)
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