Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wakk Thuu (Band Review from Jonathan Pérusse)

Band Reviewed By - Jonathan Perusse
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Wakk Thuu - How many of you had the chance to see Anal Cunt live? Or how many of you had the chance to see an Underground Grindcore show? If the answer is me! me! Well you all know that's not a place for NWOBHM fans... Violence,Extreme Blast beats, Crunchy noise, High pitch vocals, and of course explicit lyrics who say a big FUCK OFF to everything on this planet... Politics, Racism, Police Brutality, Anti is another question: How many of you, had the chance to see a Grindcore show in India, if you don't already live there, of course! So there is Wakk Thuu, an underground Grind/Noise band from Nepal, with a big Anal Cunt influence who are masters in the art of saying fuck off to everybody who are not at the right place on this shitty world. They participated to a few festivals and concerts in India, Nepal and surrounding area, making ears bleeding with their tight drum beats, fast picking and high pitch vocals. If you like raw black metal from Norway, or old school death from the states,or any kind of music with DIY  (Do It Yourself) quality recordings, Wakk Thuu are gonna fuck your brain with a hacksaw full of dogshit and destroy all what you admire, eradicate all your hope in the human race. Grindcore has a special feeling for those who can aprreciate it. A feeling of hope and a sense of family for those who know society is shit.Wakk Thuu can make you feel like that, with some short songs like Achi Black Metal, Aludum ( Fuck Basi Momo), Dead Poser, Queen Elizabeth,  Beating up a Khatey in Basantapur and more longer songs ( in grindcore term, max. 2 minutes) but even if the brutality of their music is short, they are able to make you feel fucked in 30 seconds. Their reputation of the most HATED band in Nepal suits them very well. They also made some appearance in Underground magazines all around the world, like Goregeous Freaks magazine, TNT magazine and more.We've got a load of shitty bands, in any style. Of course all the bands can't be good. That's why Grindcore has to come back, and Wakk thuu are the proof it's possible with the younger generation. Legendary bands like Anal Cunt, Wormrot, Napalm Death don't need to be discovered again, they are legend. But some other great bands from countries you couldn't even imagine, are more brutal than your bands from Los Angeles or New York. Wakk Thuu is the proof. Take five seconds of your time and give those guys a chance because they work hard, make awesome music and give all their energy for you live, all the brutality you can imagine in a one minute song, so listen to them, I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.Wanna support the real underground scene? Support Wakk Thuu.

Music quality/brutality; 8/10.

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  1. Gr8 work hell bro! awesome band, the tracks are very small...\m/