Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bidroha (Thrash Metal from Kathmandu, Nepal)

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Bidroha is a Nepali Thrash/ Heavy Metal band that was formed in March 2010 and this evening EUMSN gets a Quick Answers from them ..

Vishal / Can you tell us about the journey of your band till date?

Bidrohawell talking about the journey of the band, we started off about 2 and a half years ago with the initiation of our Front man Saurab & Guitarist Zantu. And Facebook became the medium for us to search our Drummer Amar and Bishal who was working with Zantu in a Call Center was put as a bassist.We used to practice at Amar's place with limited equipment (almost every band's initial problem! hahaha...). We took part in 1st KEC ICMC & that was our first gig! After that we played many local gigs here in Kathmandu, also co-headlined GORE DAY OUT (Event by: Brutal Pokhara) at Pokhara and also got an opportuinity to Headline THUNDERMARCH-2012 (Event By: NIT Silchar),Assam, India on February 2012 which was one of the biggest achievement of the band! And recently we shared stage with Polish Technical Death Metal Legends DECAPITATED on NEPFEST IV (Event by: Nepfest Nepal) which became another career highlight for the band! We have recorded 3 singles so far, 2 of them are available in our FB page & Reverbnation page. In Short, the journey has been pretty well n good till date apart from some financial problems we faced at our initial stage to get equipment! As of now, we are now planning for a full length album very soon!!! So stay updated & get ready to be THRASHED!!!"

Vishal / How it feels to be an underground band?

Bidroha / Being an underground band is a tough job here in our scene… People still consider that being involved in Underground Band is being ANTI-SOCIAL! But, we give a FUCK about that… n we love being underground! We can say anything to anyone at anytime. That’s why, our lyrics are basically focused towards Socio-political Sarcasm! A Sarcasm to all the motherfuckers(Leaders) of our country!!! Thus, it feels great to be an Underground Band & using our skills & ideas to pour our feelings!!!

Vishal / Are you satisfied with the local metal scene out there?

Bidroha / DEFINITELY YES! looking at past few years of development in Nepali Underground scene, we feel that the scene is being uplifted day by day! However, there are always two sides of a coin; in this small scene, we can find many talented musicians/bands but we also can find people who are after those bands to drag them down & we seriously have any idea why are they doing so??? We request to all those kind of people to stop those Bullshits & support the scene!

Vishal / Till now, you boys have played a lots of gigs and from there to here do you find any changes in the crowds?

Bidroha / Yeah altogether we have played more than 20 shows till date; most of which was here in Kathmandu itself. And the crowd response has changed alot! Pepole have started to understand music and support the bands!

Vishal / Lastly, a space for you anything EUMSN have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?

Bidroha / NOT REALLY!!! but lastly we would like to thank EUMSN Family! And Vishal Rai for the immense support towards BIDROHA!!!


Well that was all from Bidroha and EUMSN pormises to bring more about them in near days. For now, i am off to smoke and the bed.. Good Night and Gory Dreams \m/

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