Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gale (Grind from Quito, Ecuador)

Hello Andres this is Vishal from EUMSN (a small group that are really into Extreme Metal from Nepal !!

Vishal - What are you doing nowadays?
- Cheers from Ecuador, We have been just watching porno flicks and jacking off, we have also been rehearsing and waiting for opportunities to expulse brutality and thinking in future recordings

Vishal - Can i get the story of your band and biography? What is the meaning of GALE exactly means to the band?
Andres - GALE, is formed in Quito - Ecuador in mid-2009, playing a dirty and rotten punk hc, which was reflected in our early demos. After several lineup changes, our rhythms became increasingly rapid and violent. Recording our first album "2010", giving concerts in different cities and participating in several national and international compilations. In July 2011 we recorded our second album, "Eres una Niña y te Encanta la Verga" with a much more accelerated sound.
The musical influences of each member have given the band a unique sound, focused on grindcore.
Our third album "Todos Valen Verga", which will be brought to market on December 2012 by Hybrid Music.
The pleasure of making noise on stage has become the band's trademark.
GALE´s line-up is:
Pablo Muñoz - Vocals
Cristhian Armas - Guitar
Luis Cuysana -bass and vocals
Andrés Utreras - Drums

Gale is the glue you inhale to get high, Our favourite drug.

Vishal - What are the lyrical themes you use in your song?gore, horror, politics, anti religion etc..
- Gore, drugs, fun, perversions, pathologies, murders, serial killers, and whores

Vishal - How it feels to be in a Underground band? And for how many years you are in this scene?
- Gale starts at 2009 but all members play in other bands, individually we have been in the scene for about 10 years.

Vishal - Which are the bands that have influenced your band most?
- GG Allin, Ahumado Granujo, Anal Cunt, Last Days of Humanity, Brodequin, CBT, NCH, CHD, BSN, NTN, HPHC, etc

Vishal - What are the future plans of GALE ? any tours, releases, recordings etc.
- We just finished recording our third album "Todos Valen Verga",produced by Hybrid Music Records. We start our 2013 tour in Bogotá Colombia on January 11.

Vishal - What is your opinion on sites posting Underground Materials?
s - There are great records that have no proper distribution and people can not get them in physical
There are people who enjoy having physical discs, others not, we have no problems with the free download

Vishal - How do you feel about the classifications in metal? like deathcore, metalcore and other subgenres..
- Shit!

Vishal - In general term extreme metal isn't appreciated by Society what do you have to say on this?
- Extreme music is not commercial, it is sick and insane music for sick and insane people

Vishal - Ok, what do you want to tell those peoples who rips off the band hard work and illegally downloads their music?
- Theft exists everywhere, and the Internet has facilitated scams.

Vishal - Beside GALE do you have any other projects too?
- Yes, some gale members have other projects but gale is our principal project

Vishal - Is it hard surviving in underground Scene?
- The underground scene is based on gigs with a selected audience, but with a good sound and energy shown by the bands and attendees.
Survival is based on self-management

Vishal - Metal has to be underground or metal has to go mainstream, what's your opinion?
- Metal generally is commercial, there are genres with more or less market but it´s overall commercial.

Vishal - What is your opinion on the current state of underground metal?
- It´s a new fashion.

Vishal - Which is the album you want to take to your grave?
- Napalm Death - Peel Sessions

Vishal - Can you recommend us some good bands from your country for our readers?
- CHD, NCH, Visceral Decay, Infectology, Richardbarker, Tumbaburros, OC, Vomito Cerebral, etc

Vishal - Support Underground Metal, how much you agree on this quote?
- Unknown bands exists and play good music and there are well-known bands with a boring and ugly sound.The only way to support the underground is to pay the entrants and enjoy the sick music

Vishal - Where do our readers can buy and listen GALE music and any other merchandise?
Andres - We release a new album, you can write to if you want a physical copy, You can listen to us everywhere in the web (youtube, reverbnation, myspace, facebook)

Vishal - Do you remember your first show with Goreinhaled, How was it and how did the crowd reacted to your first show?
Andres - Gale has never played with Goreinhaled, but we like their music

Vishal - Metal Fans from Nepal doesn't have a proper way to reach your records and any other such bands, Is there an easy way so we can also get the hold of cds, shirts etc.
Andres - For merchandise and our new album, you can write to, with your complete address and we will send you a copy

Vishal - Do you have any plans to come to Nepal in coming days?
Andres - We would very much like to visit Nepal, in this moment we haven´t talked with any producer, but if we have the chance we would proudly play there!

Vishal - What do you hate in Underground Metal?like, anything..
Andres - Hate: hypocrisy and we like the brutality, the mosh pit and seeing people going nuts

Vishal - Your dream metal fest line up.
Andres - Ahumado Granujo, Gutalax, Agathocles, CBT, Last Days of Humanity and of course, Gale

Vishal - Quick top 5 albums we must have in our collection.
Andres - Last Days of Humanity - The Sound of Rancid Juices Sloshing Around Your Coffin, GG Allin & The Murder Junkies - Terror in America, Napalm Death - Peel Sessions, Agathocles - Superiority Overdose & Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction.

Vishal - Lastly, a space for you anything EUMSN have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?
Andres - Thanks for giving us the opportunity to reach extreme people of Nepal
Greetings from Ecuador!!
Stay Sick!


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