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Severe Torture (Brutal Death Metal from Boxtel)

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Biography :- Hailing from Holland, SEVERE TORTURE is a bloodthirsty death metal band since 1997. Except the addition of a second guitar player in 2003, there were no line-up changes since their first album ‘Feasting on Blood’ in 2000. After the release of their sophomore album ‘Misanthropic Carnage’ in 2002 SEVERE TORTURE got signed on Earache Records. With numerous tours & shows throughout Europe, North America and South America they’ve gained a monstrous live reputation. After releasing ‘Fall of the Despised’ in 2005 and ‘Sworn Vengeance’ in 2007 SEVERE TORTURE joined forces with Season of Mist Records who released 'Slaughtered' in 2010.

Kshitiz - Hello I'm Kshitiz from E.U.M.S.N(Extreme underground metal society of Nepal) ; First of all, would you please give a brief introduction of what Severe Torture is? When was it formed ?
- "Severe Torture was formed in 1997, with the intention to play brutal deathmetal. We started with a couple of demo's and here we are now 5 albums further in time."

Kshitiz - Who were the founding members of the band ? Have they ever been changed ?
- "Founding members are Patrick (bass), Thijs (guitars) and me (drums). Dennis joined in 1999 for our second demo. Ever since no one has left the band. We expanded in 2003 when Marvin joined the band on lead guitars."

Kshitiz - What are the lyrical themes found in MOST of your songs ?
- "Our songs are about any type of torture possible, so you'll find some gore-lyrics as well as anti-religious stuff in there. So physical and mental torture are the main issues."

Kshitiz - he journey from 'Feasting on Blood' to the 2010 record 'Slaughtered' ; how would u express that journey ?
- "It has been 12 years ago since the release of Feasting, almost 13 actually, and I think we have learned a lot. We developed as musicians as well as songwriters and I still think there is more we can do. The journey isn't over yet!"

Kshitiz - What been the greatest obstacle the band has faced till date ? How have u overcome it ?
- "We had some obstacles here and there, but always had the will to continue this band, so as long as you work hard, no obstacle is too big. Except when someone dies, but that luckily didn't happen so far."

Kshitiz - Do u remember your first live show, and how it was like ?
Seth - "That's a long time ago, I can't really remember a lot of details about that, but all I know is it was rough at the beginning. It took a while before people in Holland accepted us."

Kshitiz - Any specific moment u can never forget, which happened during any of your shows ?
Seth - "There has been many crazy moments on stage and backstage, so it's hard to name just one. I will never forget the "wall of death" we had in France. That was sick!!"

Kshitiz - What are the future plans of Severe Torture ?
Seth - "We just started writing the new album, so we will basically concentrate on this, but we will definitely hit the road a few times next year."

Kshitiz - What are the other good bands you would suggest our readers ?
Seth - "Right now I listen a lot to the new Skeletal Remains album. Badass stuff! Also the new Cryptopsy album is really sick!"

Kshitiz - Seth, have u ever been associated with any other projects other than 'Severe Torture' ?
Seth - "Of course I also play drums in Centurian. Also I play drums for Infected Flesh and Extreme Cold Winter and I do vocals for Voodoo Gods."

Kshitiz - In general term, extreme metal is among the genres which our society feels difficult to digest. What would u say on that ?
Seth - "It says more about society than it says about metal. A lot of people are afraid others might think they are weird, or they are just too scared to listen to something out of the box. Fuck them."

Kshitiz - What do u think is the best way, fans can support the band ?
Seth - "Any form of support is appreciated much. It goes from buying a cd or shirt, to attending a show, or even drop a comment on facebook or sharing a youtubevideo. Without support we are nothing."

Kshitiz - Do u feel any difference in the underground now and then ? If yes, tell us about it.
Seth - "Things have become really easy to record a cd nowadays, most bands record at home behind a computer. That's why there are millions of bands out there, but only a few are really good. Back in the day a band had to do at least a few good demo's and work a lot harder to accomplish something."

Kshitiz - Anything u would like to tell your fans ? And for those who are still unaware about your music, how can they get it ?
Seth - "Thanx for supporting Severe Torture!! For all info and links to social networks go to "

Kshitiz - Anything u would like to tell apart from what i have asked u during this interview ?
Seth - "Thank you once again for this interview and good luck with your blog!! Lets keep the deathmetal scene alive!!!"

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