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Anna Droïde (Undeground Model from Bordeaux, France)

Official Facebook Page -ïde/255026171212941
Hauteur 157 cm - 5'2''
Poids 40 kg - 89 lbs
Poitrine 75 cm - 30'' A
Taille 62 cm - 24''
Hanches 80 cm - 31''
Confection 34
Pointure 37
Yeux Marrons
Cheveux Châtains

Vishal - What are you doing nowadays?
Anna -
I'm currently a student in second year of English and American Civilization and Literature, in France. I'm also doing some amateur modeling in Bordeaux, the city I live in, and I also try to be an active member of the Steampunk community in France.

Vishal - Can I get the story of your work?
- I started "modeling" as an amateur about a year and a half ago. At first, I just wanted some nice pictures for my facebook profile picture! A friend of mine told me she new a very nice photographer who would probably be happy to shoot me, and so we did, and I actually quite enjoyed it. So we did some more photoshoot sessions, until I got offers from other photographers from Bordeaux, and this how it started.

Vishal - Have you ever done a modeling for any Underground Bands and their music?
- No, I haven't. I'm still pretty recent on this scene, and not wel known at all, so I never work with any bands before. Still, I got a proposition from a Metal/Popcore band named Undead Rising to eventually shoot for them or be in one of their videos, and i really hope it will happen!


Vishal - How does it feel to be in a Modeling Field?
- As I'm not a professionnal model at all, I can't really say. As far as i'm concerned, I model because it helps me bare with myself, with my appearance. It might sound ridiculous, but I always felt pretty ugly, and being photographed by talented people helps me to have another look upon myself, to feel less ridiculous, hate myself less when I see my reflection in a mirror.
That what modeling is to me, a way to feel at peace with myself, at least during the time of a photoshoot.

Vishal - What made you to choose a Modeling Field?
- It's a way to express yourself. To show people what you really are, or what you could be. Modeling is like acting. You choose the character you want to be, and immortalise it by capturing its image with the camera. As soon as I realised that, I wanted to keep on modeling, even on a small amateur scale, because I finally had found a way to freely express myself and make the universes of my dream come to life.

Vishal - What are your future plans?
- Getting better at it I guess. I do not seek glory, I wouldn't get it anyway. I just want to keep doing what I like. If I can take my modeling skills to a higher level, it would be absolutely great, but if it doesn't happen, this won't make me give up on doing it anyway.
For now, I just concentrate on personnal photo projects, and maybe keep some little hope that, one day, I'll be able to work with even more talented photographers than the ones I currently work with. But they are already great people, so I'm happy where I am right now

Vishal - What is your opinion on the current state of Modeling?
- It's definitely not the right field to choose for a carriere. Fisrt it's awfully difficult to actually become a real model. Agencies have very specific requirements, and altenative/underground modeling is not truely consider as real modeling.
Plus I've noticed that it's extreamely easy to auto-proclaim yourself a model... As far as I'm concerned, I don't really like to consider myself as a model, because, techniquelly, I'm not. I'm a girl who sometimes HAPPEN to model, and that's totally different.
It's not because you look pretty that you can say you are a model, it's not because one photograpehr took pictures of you that you are a model. I'ts more than just that, and many girls seems to forget about this details.
The competition between "models" is also very fierce, and I guees that sometimes you have to be strong, because some girls can be ready to do what it takes to put you down. You really have to go your own why and ignore what people may say about you.

Vishal - Can you recommend us those names that really inspired you?
- There are many models that I admire and inpired me. They all are from the alternative/underground/goth/fetish scene.
Girls like Ulorin Vex, Ophelia Overdose, Psylocke, Kato, Acid Doll, Princess Pudding, Nafrayou, Flamby Proxybutterfly, and many more.
I also get a lot of inspiration (aesthetically speaking) from artists that I love, musicians, movie directors, perfomers, writers, painters, crafters, etc... like Emilie Autumn, Dita Von Teese, Bettie Page, The Birthday Massacre, Tim Burton, Baudelaire, Rosseti, Anne Rice, Mucha...

Vishal - Are you satisfied with your work?
- I never am. I always want to do better and better.
But I'm currently not in a position to do better, which is why I try do seize as many opportunities as I can to make my work evolve and be a bit greater everytime I work on something.

Vishal - Ok, what do you want to tell those peoples who wants to come into a field of Modeling?
- Do it for pleasure, not for glory. Do it for yourself, not for fame.
Fame comes to a very limited amount of persons. But pleasure can be unlimited if you enter modeling, even on an amateur scale, like me. But remember that you have to have a strong personnality, that will show on the pictures. Otherwise, you might just be like any other girl or guy who takes a picture of himself in his bathroom. You need to have something to let out when you model, otherwise, you'll just stay plain.

Vishal - What kind of music do you listen to?
- I listen to many kinds of music. I like heavy/hair metal bands (like Skid Row, Cinderella, Ratt, Twisted Sisters Dokken, Motley Crue), glam metal bands (Crashdiet, Reckless Love, Veins Of Jenna, Black Rain, Hardcore Superstars...), symphonic metal (Apocalyptica, Nightwish, Delain, Sonata Arctica...), folk metal (Alestorm, Korpiklaani, Turisas...) bigs classics ( Metallica, Guns & Roses, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Deep Purple, Depeche Mode, Sex pistols...), all sorts of metal bands I don't really know how to classify (Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, Slipknot, Three Days Grace, Deathstars...), some pop rock (Panic! at the Disco, Shaka Ponk, the Hoosiers, 30 second to mars...), a bit of industrial (Emilie Autumn, The Birthday Massacre...) and a bit of steampunk music (Abney Park, the Cog is Dead, the Steampunk Opera, Clockwork Quartet...).

Vishal - In near future, if any band approaches to you for a Metal Video or any kind of Merchandise shot, how are you going to approve this?
- I'll be vary happy to take part in their project! As I told you in one of the privious questions, I might work with a band this year, and I really look foward doing it!

Vishal - How do you look at those Models who are shooting for Underground Bands?
- I think they are very lucky! It's great to be part of great musical project like an album cover or a music video, being a little piece in a big puzzle that might make the difference. I really envy these models that work with bands!

Vishal - Quick five albums we must have in our collection.
- Hmmm... Lets say - - Crashdiet - Riot In Everyone, - Shaka Ponk - Bad porn movie track, - Apocalyptica - Reflections , - Emilie Autumn - Opheliac & - Stone Sour - Audio Secrecy.

Vishal - What do you hate most in this field?
- Silly competition between models. It's hard to succeed in this area, and when some models actually do, because of their beauty, personnality, or maybe luck, they usually make many other girls jealous, and usually end up with a made up reputation that seriously sucks. In a way, i'm happy not be famous at all, I don't get to be bothered by this, but I feel sad for the models that have to endure jealousy.

Vishal - Is social networking useful for your profession?
- Absolutely! As a non professionnal model, I don't have anyone to book shootings and find contracts for me, I have to do it all by myself, and social networks really help! Every photographes I work with are usually using facebook, or special model/photographer networks, and that's how I find them!

Vishal - Something about you, that people don’t know.
- Because of my small size, people usually see me as a nice little girl, the one you have nothing to be scared of. In a way, it's true, but if someone seriously pisses me off, I get mad and become extreamely violent. Not many people have seen me being violent, but I can be a terrible child!

Vishal - Lastly, a space for you anything EUMSN have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?
- I can't think of anything to add! 

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