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Meshiha (Brutal Slam Death Metal from Dallas, TX)

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Here is the short interview with Brad Fincher of Meshiha. Meshiha is a band that consist of two orginal member of Devourment that were during the creation of Molesting The Decapitated (Brad Fincher and Brian Wynn). If you are still not over that MTD then better check this band.

Sachin - Hello Brad
- Hell Sachin!
Sachin - Say something to our reader about your band how did it start and your current line up? 
- It started when Brian Wynn and I started talking about doing something that was a continuation of what we had started with Devourment on the Molesting the Decapitated album. We were very happy with what we had accomplished with that record and thought it’d be interesting to see what our musical evolution would sound like coming together after a number of years.
Sachin - How has it been from those Devourment days to present Meshiha? What different approach have you taken as a band in Meshiha musically? 
- The approach hasn’t changed drastically from where we left off with Devourment. We only put out one album and it was a perfect encapsulation of what we wanted to hear. Since we didn’t continue past that point we didn’t get burned out on the slam/grind style we came to develop so long ago. MTD really captured the sound that comes only from the unique combination of Brian and I. Meshiha is just us taking that same energy and style and pushing it forward and trying to write better parts and create better songs. We want to take our signature Texas slam sound to the next level of brutality.
Sachin - Meshiha have released a single "Commence The Suffering",how was the response ? 
- The response has been very positive and larger than any of us expected from just a single from basically an unknown band. A very cool aspect of being an underground death metal band is that fans are so hardcore. If they hear something they like, they’re going to tell their friends and word gets out pretty quickly. We’re really stoked by the overall reaction.
Sachin - When can we expect the album and what’s the progress till date? Any record deal? 
- We’re still in the process of writing songs. We’d like to have enough songs for an album later this year. Hopefully we’ll be gigging by the summer. No full record deals at the moment though we have some interest and are talking to a few labels. We have a deal to release a CD single. I don’t want to announce anything too soon so check our Facebook for

Sachin - Devourment - Molesting The Decapitated is the album that pioneered the Texas Slam Death Metal ,you and Brian have been a part of that sickness. How was it created or it just happened? 
- The MTD Devourment sound was literally the combination of my drumming style with Brian’s guitar style and our common vision for the kind of music we wanted to hear but weren’t hearing any single band doing at the time. Since Wayne Knupp first introduced the two of us we just spoke the same language musically. We both had a lot of the same influences and the same ideas about what we thought sounded brutal and heavy and catchy. We also had very strong opinions about what we thought was not brutal and a talent for arrangement. We were influenced by so many NY slam bands during that time which was kind of where the slam came from but because we were from TX when we did slam it didn’t sound like NY slam. It became this other thing that people seemed to really latch on to. I remembered reading Kerry King interviews where he’d list his favorite albums of all time and there were always a few Slayer albums on his lists. I thought that was strange because that seemed a bit self-indulgent or egotistical or whatever but after recording MTD I know where he was coming from. It’s a really good feeling when you can genuinely say that one of your favorite bands was one you were in and one of your favorite records was one you wrote and performed on. So I would have to say that MTD sound was very deliberate and meticulously written but we didn’t realize it would be this entirely new beast because it was so new and different. It’s a bit cliché but it was one of those situations where we knew we were doing something special.
Sachin - What are your influences? 
- Meshiha’s musical influences are a lot of the same ones they were in Devourment. Pyrexia, Suffocation, Disfiguring the Goddess, Dying Fetus, Deicide, Internal Bleeding, Repudilation, Scattered Remnants, Disgorge, et al. A lot of the 90’s brutal death metal bands.
Sachin - Any particular band that you are listening to these days? 
- Still listening to the Pyrexia “Sermon of Mockery” album.
Sachin - Any last word you want to add?
- We’d like to thank you and everyone for their interest in Meshiha and our previous work in Devourment. We’re going to keep doing what we do and hope people enjoy it and want to hear more of it.

Thanks for the short interview and best wishes for the upcoming brutality this year.

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