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Feast (Death Metal/ Grind/ Food from Concord, CA)

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Jonathan - What makes a good Death Metal band?
- To me, a good death metal band has to be catchy, brutal, and precise.
Jonathan - I really believe the only passionate way to do music is with your heart. But sometimes hard times and trouble can get in the way. Why is it so important for you to be in a band.
- It’s important for me because it helps relieve a lot of stress, negative energy, and it’s lots of fun. 

Jonathan - What's the origin of the band name, Feast?
 - Feast in another definition aside from a banquet is something that gives unusual or abundant enjoyment. We try to accomplish that in our live shows we try to make people laugh, fuck shit up in the pit and just have fun because that’s what it’s all about Plus, We LOVE food. Haha 

Jonathan - Have you changed the band's name before?
- Yes, before Feast we were called Necromantic Decay. The name comes from being in love with a decaying rotting corpse. 

Jonathan - Who are your major influences? Or do you just write what you like and that is the result?
- As a band, we are influenced by Defeated Sanity, Gorerotted, Severed Savior, and power metal. 
Me personally I love jazz, funk, and hip hop. 

Jonathan - How long have you all known each other? 
- The guitarist ria, vocalist mark and I met in middle school, then started jamming for fun then soon enough we were starting a band and playing shows. But before then I was already in a band and playing shows. 

Jonathan - How did you meet?
- We met through a mutual friend that was in my band before Feast and Necromantic decay. 

Jonathan - When did you form your band? 
- Early high school like freshman year with Mark, Ria, and I.

Jonathan - What inspired you to make music together?
- We just all loved music and we loved our styles of playing and techniques.

Jonathan - Which songs do you perform most frequently? 
- Currently we have 5 songs to our set. Gorivore, Corpse Sandwich, Let Ferment, Baby Gut burger, and Peeled into Pots. Haha yea we’re that kind of band.
Jonathan - Do you ever play any covers? 
- Never live, but we know some songs from other bands.
Jonathan - Who writes your songs? 
- We all collaborate to make songs it was primarily Ria and Mark in the beginning at least now it’s all of us.
Jonathan - What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs? 
- Food based gore stories
Jonathan - Do you think these topics will change over time?
- No probably not, I think we’ll always have food to talk about. 

Jonathan - Could you briefly describe the music-making process?
- We jam out songs and make music together. We just free style a tune and then we just bust them out naturally. 

Jonathan - What are your rehearsals generally like? Do you have a set time each week in which you practice or are rehearsals more spontaneous?
Feast - We usually jam out the set when we have a show a few days before. We practice a lot on our own. We have work and are busy for the most part. 

Jonathan - How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?
- Oh yes! Greatly, We’ve matured as individuals and musicians. The music is faster, more structured, and catchier. Especially since we got two really good members! Taylor Holt and Nick Willbrand of Unique Leaders Flesh Consumed!

Jonathan - What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?
- Getting good members and finding our idenitity and sound. I think we are one of the only food based death metal bands. 

Jonathan - What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?
- Take your time, know what you want to accomplish, and just have fun. 

Jonathan - For those who don’t know you, How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD? We have a facebook and youtube videos off our live sets. 
Feast -
Feast is Mark Wallace, Luis Martinez, Nick Willbrand, Teresa Wallace, and Taylor Holt. 
Check out our other projects! 

If any of you are fans of Death Metal and really want to support the underground scene, check out these guys and show them some respect!

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