Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Visceral Decay (Brutal Death Metal from Ecuador)

Kshitiz - Hello Alex, what are u guys doing nowadays??
- Hello, we are currently working on a new album which will be ready in 2014, I believe.
Kshitiz - Tell the E.U.M.S.N (our community) Followers about your band and the journey till today in brief. Where are you guys from ? How did u be a part of the band ?
Alex -
The band is from Ecuador, was founded in 2010, we are 3 members and have never been changed, the members have ideas very sick and realistic about humanity and its deplorable existence.
Kshitiz - How did u come up with the name "VISCERAL DECAY" ?
- VISCERAL DECAY, means putrefaction of intestines, because of eating so much junk food
Kshitiz - What are the main lyrical themes or topics in most of your songs?
- Sexual aberrations, schizoid, deplorable mental states, serial murderers, disease, all that destroys society for us is music
Kshitiz - What are your inspirations ?? What are your favourite bands ?
- Our favorite band is Disgorge (USA), and our inspiration is the constant annihilation of human scum.
Kshitiz - What has been the biggest obstacle in your journey with the band ? How did u overcome the obstacle ?
- We have not really had any obstacle.

Kshitiz - How do u feel as an underground band, no much money and popularity compared to the mainstream.How would u react to that statement ?
- We do not play for money, we just do it to throw our ideas of decadent society, Brutal death metal is not commercial!
Kshitiz - What do u like the most about the Death metal community ? What inspired you to be a part of it ?
- Liberation without sensura ideal and thoughts, expression of realism, and instead of being afraid of death must be her friend and respect
Kshitiz - Which is the most recent album you've heard that impressed you the most ?
- “Obsessive pathology to eliminate the scum human race” 2012
Kshitiz - How do u guys feel about playing in Nepal, would it be possible in the near future ?
Alex - Everything is possible in life, it all depends on the circumstances
Kshitiz - What do you wanna tell your fans and supporters ?
- Just continue brutality and sickness, and enjoying life to the fullest that after death the only thing that is in trash convirten worm food ... no more
Kshitiz - Any new stuffs we, the fans can expect from Visceral Decay this new year ?
- DECAY VISCERAL record a video for 2013 and for 2014 will have their new album ready
Kshitiz - Anything you would like to tell apart from what i have asked you during this interview?
- Thank you for the interview and continue to disseminate the most perfect music "BRUTAL DEATH METAL" RULES!!
Kshitiz-Thanks for giving your valuable time for this interview. Eumsn wishes you and your band the very best in upcoming days. Much love and respect. Cheers!! \m/
- Thanks for the brutal interview Kshitiz , I wish you long life and would love to have more fans like you !

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