Thursday, December 6, 2012

Anus Disease (Grind\Death\Filth from Washington)

This is J D from Anus Disease! All the way from the state of Washington USA. Thanks for asking me to come aboard the EUMSN!

Anus Disease is: J D Gutierrez / Guitar- Vox
Tony Sundberg / Guitar
Zach Jackson / Filthy Vox
Chad McCommon / Drums

Vishal - What are you doing nowadays?
-  A.D. is currently back on track with our newest member Chad on drums. We had to postpone demo recording and a few shows due to line-up change. But so far the change was worth it. A.D. is a lot sicker and brutal then ever! 

Vishal - Can i get the story of Anus Disease and biography? What is the meaning of Anus Disease exactly means to the band?
- A.D. started out back in 2009 w/ an ol musician buddy of mine, John Laughter. This brother played drums, guitar, and especially vox man! It was out of his garage with a huge beer dispenser! Think we spent more time hanging out near the beer dispenser then our instruments! Jajajajaja!
A year later I moved to my ol town I call Yakicrack and took the name A.D. with me. Wanted to do simple recordings w/ drum machine and all that other filth! Did a few tracks but I needed actual players to complete the sickness i was driving for.
So 2011 around the month of September, I found a couple of grinders to join this saga with me. Four months later we found our vocalist Zach. A freshmen out of high school. And no! A.D. was not hanging at the high schools! Jajajajajaja!
Our first show was March 2012 w/ our buddies Sacrificial Slaughter, Blessed Curse, and Monolith! Great bands and good times that night! And then more shows started to appear!
September 2012 my original drummer quit. Cya!
Now A.D. is on the adventure to crush and grind faces off everywhere we perform!
A.D. means filthiness. Sickness. Ugliness. There is no cure for this kind of disease! It means Fuck off! Don't care if you like it or not! 

Vishal - What are the lyrical themes you guys use in your song?gore, horror, politics, anti religion etc..
-  Nothing but rude ass crude porn lyrics! Sex acts that will make you puke! Jajajajaja! ( no gay shit no kiddo porn) 

Vishal - How it feels to be in a Underground band? And for how many years you are in this scene?
-  Underground is all i know. 15 yrs. and growing stronger! 

Vishal - Which are the bands that have influenced your band most?
-  I would say there are lot of influences. From Slayer to Nasum. To Carcass and 80's Butt-rock. lol! No pun intended! 

Vishal - What are the future plans of Anus Disease? any tours, releases, recordings etc.
- Future plans are to finally release our first demo at the beginning of 2013. A full CD by summer. Around that time of full release, we are going on the road for a few weeks. We are pleased to announce that summer we are playing Gutfest 5 in Colorado. I'll have dates posted both on my personal FB and Anus Disease (Official) page. 

Vishal - What is your opinion on sites posting Underground Materials?
-  My opinion is give all these sickos what they want! Being informative about bands and other filth is the way to go! Every band needs to be heard in some way or the other? 

Vishal - How do you feel about the classifications in metal? like deathcore, metalcore and other subgenres..
-  To me classification shouldn't matter. Its all metal in one form or the other! 

Vishal - In general term extreme metal isn't appreciated by Society what do you have to say on this?
-  Society can lick my shweaty ballz if they don't like the music, people who are involved, and the time it takes to have fun doing what you love doing. A bunch of Hippies anyway! Fuck'em!

Vishal - Ok, what do you want to tell those peoples who rips off the band hard work and illegally downloads their music?
-   To me? I don't care if they rip music off. Myself I purchase what I want to hear. I understand that in some cases it would suck. But in general. Oh well! That's just my opinion. 

Vishal - Beside Anus Disease do you have any other projects too?
-  I will start another project next year entitled " Basura". Extreme ugliness grind all in spanish! It's going to be sick!

Vishal - Is it hard surviving in underground Scene?
-  It is hard to survive in this scene. But you got to have the love and passion to do this. Also you got to be a little bit crazy too!

Vishal - Metal has to be underground or metal has to go mainstream, what's your opinion?
-  Don't have much thought on that. Wherever metal goes? I'll be right there!

Vishal - What is your opinion on the current state of underground metal?
-  So far the difference I've seen in the whole underground thing has changed. Since we have social networks and other means of communication, it has turned around a little.

Vishal - Which is the album you want to take to your grave?
-  No brainer! Slayer "Hell Awaits"!

Vishal - Can you recommend us some good bands from your place for our readers?
-  Yes I can. Truculence, Succor, Nekro Drunkz, Sarcalogos, Bunk Dope, and many more from Portland, Or.Pre-Embalmed, Crush your Enemies, Thou Shall Kill, just to name a few from the Seattle, Wa. area.Over in my hood we got The Drip, Chokeout, Deny Your Deceiver, Dark Passenger, Zero Theory, and more from the eastern parts of Washington. 

Vishal - Support Underground Metal, how much you agree on this quote?
-   Support it all!!

Vishal - Where do our readers can buy and listen Anus Disease music and any other merchandise?
-  We do have Reverbnation, Facebook (of course) and we'll be working on a website soon. We did have merch but sold out. We will re-up order as soon as our demo comes out. So stay tuned!

Vishal - Do you remember the feeling of your first show with Anus Disease? and how did the crowd reacted to your first show?
-  The first show went great! Its been going killer ever since. The local crowd seemed to enjoyed it as well.

Vishal - In near future if any band from Nepal aproaches to you for a Split Album, are you goin to approve this?
-  Fuck yeah! Love to do a split with the locals in your area!

Vishal - Any tour plans for countries like India, Nepal in coming days?
-  Dude to play in your area would be an honor! You guys don't fuck around when it comes down with metal! Get us over there bro!

Vishal - What do you hate in current underground scene?
-  Nada!

Vishal - Your dream metal fest line up.
-  That's a long list bro!!! Go to Gutfest 5 (Facebook) line up. A killer line up indeed!

Vishal - Quick top 5 albums we must have in our collection.
- Top 5 albums? Nasum " Shift". Aborted " The Archaic Abattoir". Slayer " Reign in Blood". Suffocation " Pierced from Within". All of " The Mentors" albums! Yeash! 

Vishal - Lastly, a space for you anything EUMSN have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?
 J D
- Anus Disease is still a work in progress. I know as time goes by, A.D. will be recognized for its work and ability to grind off the faces of listeners and there fans! So be it ya filthy sickos! Cuz here we come!
Thanks Vishal and the filthy crew of  EUMSN!  Go!


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