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March To Victory (Metal from Lancaster Pa)

Biography - March To Victory was formed in the 90s, when the music scene was filled with Alternative, Rap Metal... etc. Hard times to find or enjoy real Metal music.Original Members Daniel Van Valkenburgh, Eric Van Valkenburgh and Larry Weller decided to start to create the Beast March To Victory would become.

Taking influences of Black, Death, Thrash, Punk,and Heavy Metal they blended these genres to start to refine what March To Victory would sound like. Fans of Black Sabbath, Death, Morbid Angel and Burzum would connect to the first couple Incarnations of the band 1998-2008

After realizing March To Victory Did all they could do with the original members including traveling, Touring with Cerebral Bore our Scottish Brothers up and down the east coast on numerous tours, sharing the stage with National acts such as Genitorturers, Otep, MOD, MoonSpell and Marduk to mention a few. It was time to make changes.

The current sound and newest members has shown March To Victory at its finest. Front Man - Vocalist Ron Evens brings a energy and presence that is well deserved for March To Victory. Fans of Death, Cynic, Inflames, Satyricon and modern death and thrash will definitely enjoy March To Victory......

Eric exclusively answers to some of EUMSN questions forwarded by Vishal.

Vishal - What are you doing nowadays?
Eric - Gonna be touring through out December and then taking a little break to record new songs and make new videos and then back at it hard 2013

Vishal - Can i get the story of March to Victory and biography? What is the meaning of March to Victory exactly means to the band?
Eric - Me and my brother Dan Van Valkenburgh ( Lead Guitarist) started this band in 92 to create brutal abrasive music because we were sick of what was happening with metal and music in general and its still our same idea today. The meaning behind our name stands for empowerment in our lives and succeeding in life in general.

Vishal - What are the lyrical themes you guys use in your song?gore, horror, politics, anti religion etc..
Eric - My brother Dan Van Valkenburgh ( Lead Guitarist) writes all the lyrics for the band. Most the lyrics are based on true life experiences and about succeeding in life.

Vishal - How it feels to be in a Underground band? And for how many years you are in this scene?
Eric - It feels great! I love playing metal regardless if i'm in the underground or not. Me and my brother created this band in 92

Vishal - Which are the bands that have influenced your band most?
Eric - We are influenced by so many different bands and genres of metal. So it would be useless to name them. We just love metal in general.

Vishal - What are the future plans of March to Victory? any tours, releases, recordings etc.
Eric - Our future plans are to keep touring our asses off and trying to get a good record deal. Gonna be touring with Monstrosity and Strong Intention in March of 2013 . The dates are exclusive with us in the United States. We will be releasing new songs and new videos as well

Vishal - What is your opinion on sites posting Underground Materials?
Eric - If the sites support underground metal then i'm totally down with that.

Vishal - How do you feel about the classifications in metal? like deathcore, metalcore and other subgenres..
Eric - All that subgenres do is separate the fans and listeners. I think its a bad thing in general.

Vishal - In general term extreme metal isn't appreciated by Society what do you have to say on this?
Eric - My opinion on this is like everything else of this nature. I do what i want and i don't care how society feels.

Vishal - Ok, what do you want to tell those peoples who rips off the band hard work and illegally downloads their music?
Eric - Support underground metal and buy the albums. These sites do nothing but make it alot harder on the bands to make money and getting paid for their art. When you're a poor band it doesn't help at all.

Vishal - Beside March to Victory do you have any other projects too?
Eric - No other projects at this time.

Vishal - Metal has to be underground or metal has to go mainstream, what's your opinion?
Eric - I think being underground is a lot better then going mainstream due to the fact when it goes manistream it becomes generic and plastic.

Vishal - What is your opinion on the current state of underground metal?
Eric - We played The Summer Slaughter Tour this year with Cannibal Corpse headlining. We opened up the show at 2:30 in the afternoon and we had between 800 and 900 hundred metal fans in front of us. So i say its alive and kicking

Vishal - Which is the album you want to take to your grave?
 Eric - My Dying Bride-Turn Loose The Swans

Vishal - Can you recommend us some good bands from your place for our readers?
Eric - Right now we are 100% percent focused on March To Victory. Don't have time to check out our local scene really.

Vishal - Support Underground Metal, how much you agree on this quote?
Eric - Of course you should support underground metal if its what you like and love. Without fans and supporters like yourself there would be no underground scene.

Vishal - Where do our readers can buy and listen March to Victory music and any other merchandise?
Eric - You can buy our cd at any of our shows or go to

Vishal - Do you remember the feeling of your first show with March to Victory? And how did the crowd reacted to your first show?
Eric - The feeling i felt was amazing and empowering. From that point i was hooked for good. The crowd response was ok but it was our first show

Vishal - In near future if any band from Nepal aproaches to you for a Split Album, are you goin to approve this?
Eric - Would have to see if it fit our style. But i can't see why not.

Vishal - Any tour plans for countries like India, Nepal in coming days?
 Eric - We would love to tour India.

Vishal - Your dream metal fest line up.
Eric - Pantera, Death, Dissection and Emperor.

Vishal - Quick top 5 albums we must have in our collection.
Eric - Metallica -Ride The Lightning , Death-Symbolic King Diamond- Them, Judas Priest- Painkiller and Pantera -Far Beyond Driven

Vishal - Lastly, a space for you anything EUMSN have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?
Eric - Thank you very much for taking your time to give March to Victory the opportunity to do a interview.... Hails Vishal and EUMSN

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Much thanks to Eric from March To Victory for this Killer Interview, Go visit their Official Page in Facebook or . Show some support and love to this good band from Lancaster Pa. 

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