Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review of Katalepsy - Autopsychosis (Unique Leader Records)

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From Russia, Katalepsy back with a first ''real'' full-length named ''Autopsychosis''. I'm not really into the Technical Death Metal except for the great albums, and this one make part of it! This record contains all the fucking elements that are the Death fucking Metal in a grand manner, we can find also, according to some person, some riffs influenced by the core but in my opinion, there is no core here is all about the Death Metal! This is an album that may sound a little shitty ''commercial'' when compared to their first ''full'' but rather an album that sounds ultra modern executed of a fucking ingenious way! The musical side of the album is just fucking great, guitars, bass & drums are just perfect and the sound is completely successful! Igor from ''Big End Bolt'' is the new vocalist for Katalepsy have did an fucking amazing job, it takes us a few minutes to forget the vocals a little less good than their previous EP from Mirus. The album is diversified in all fucking aspects, guitars riffs, drums, vocals, everything is greatly performed and makes a unique fucking record for its originality and mixture of styles! Obviously, there is a negative point to the album is on his side sometimes annoying during listening but can go one way very well, as I said earlier, coz of its diverse side! ''Autopsychosis'' is fucking great in almost every fucking way and is really an album to check for those who have not done it yet! Its worth the few dollars... Awesome disk!


Review by, Andrew Talbot

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