Monday, May 20, 2013

Review of Devourment - Conceived in Sewage (Relapse Records)

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These legends of Texas are back with a fourth album entitled ''Conceived in Sewage''. Devourment leave the world of Brutal Death Metal to something more contemporary Death Metal and I dont compare this album to their past slamming shits but I can say that he has no slamming part except the slower sections but nothing to do with the fucking slam! First, this album is lyrically speaking very poor coz of these titles and lyrics very simplistic and ''déjà-vu'' thousand of times and Mike Majewski sings much more Death Metal standard than Brutal Death Metal coz, as I said above, this is totally a Death Metal album with some fast times like all albums of this style! Unfortunately, I found no fucking riffs that make me have a boner and they are very poor musically in my opinion of course and have no great moment as in Butcher and Unleash. Parts of drums are boring but very well executed by Erik Park (Suture), which is a great drummer for the American scene! Very difficult for me to find positive points in the album, but I particularly like the songs ''Legalize Homicide'' and ''Parasitic Eruption'' even if they have nothing exceptional but with them, the album is not completly sucks and the sound of the album is still good but lacks a bit of shitty power! I think its normal for a band in a long career have completely fucking failed an album without to mention to be on Relapse but I want the best for Devourment coz they are talented musicians and albums deserve greater quality than the last two! An album that I obviously recommend for the ''true'' Devourment fans following their career from the start, but for others, this is an album to forget!


Review by, Andrew Talbot

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