Monday, May 20, 2013

Review of Coprocephalic - Gluttonous Chunks (INHERITED SUFFERING RECORDS/Anopsys Records)

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After almost one fucking year of waiting, the album ''Gluttonous Chunks'' from Coprocephalic is finally recorded and mark the history of Brutal Death fucking Metal in a branch a little more Slamming! The CD contains 10 songs, including one cover song of the band Wormed with one of their best song ''Pulses in Rhombus Forms'' executed of a grandiose way and Coprocephalic gives a wonderful tribute to the band! The band is composed of the unique and fucking crazy Larry Wang (Gorepot) on vocals, Christiani Peluso (Cerebral Engorgement) on guitars and I think the band uses two other members for the shows that are, Mario Pena (Condemned) on bass and Hsuan Liu (GCC) on drums! We cant expect better from Larry with his vocals fucking guttural and sick which is perfect. Christiani Peluso on guitars is just awesome, the sound is just fucking great and the guitar parts who are of an ingenuity that makes music on the album a side completely original for his technique and aggressiveness in several passages! The drum machine on this album is just so fucking amazing, the sound of drums is one of the best I've heard so far and fits entirely with the original disk. ''Gluttonous Chunks'' is the perfect demonstration who is possible to make discs of Slamming being original as fuck and fucking technique, coz this record is very modern Brutal Death Metal, mainly coz of their fantastic sound that sounds like a ton of bricks! A unique album that any fans of Brutal Death Metal must have coz its fucking effective and ingenious! I dont give a perfect score to this shit just coz its not quite perfect at all points only such as the fact that some songs are better than others but no one are bad!!! Great Disk!!


Review by, Andrew Talbot

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