Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review of Expurgate - Dementia Tremens (Comatose Music)

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Descended directly from the cannabis heaven, Colorado (U.S.A.), Expurgate spits us their highly anticipated fucking debut album ''Dementia Tremens''! The album in itself is a very good quality and gives us a lot more in the style Slamming Brutal Death Metal with some groovy parts and fast times with a fucking heavy sound but perhaps lacking a little bit of sick power coz the end result is a bit bland! The sound of drums and bass are particularly successful, the bass sound is totally fucking awesome and can be distinguished clearly from the rest of the shit! The guttural vocals interpreted by Jaymes are very good but the parts more Death Metal are really not good and break the brutality of the moment! ''Dementia Tremens'' is a fucking good disk, but the songs dont really have riffs that will stick in our head and as I said before, the album lacks a bit of power in his production and the songs lack much brutality! The duration of the album for me is not a factor, its 22 minutes and can piss off some people but personally I find it perfect for listening to the album very well from A to Z without problem! The disk doesnt mark the minds as well as other albums that will emerge in 2013, but I think it deserves a listen to all the brutal fucking heads even if its not an essential element in the Brutal Death Fucking Metal! Good record!


Review by, Andrew Talbot

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