Monday, May 20, 2013

Review of Devangelic (Self Released Promo 2012) by, Andrew Talbot

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Devangelic gives us a piece of music totally anti-Christian and full of fucking hate! Mario Di Giambattista on Guitars (Vulvectomy, Coprophiliac...), Alessandro Santilli on drums (Necrotorture...), David Cetorelli on bass (Coprophiliac, Indecent Excision...) and finally, Paolo Chiti on vocals from Putridity (ita)! This band from Italy gives us a promo of 2 songs inspired by bands like Disgorge, Condemned, Cinerary... and is quite brilliant in its conception songs that are, incidentally, very brutal but keeping a balance between the blast beats and slow parts! First time I listened to this disk, it reminded me ''Consume the Forsaken'' of Disgorge (USA) had to the atmosphere that the album gives us and also the songwritings and made me also remind Abhorrent Castigation of their promo for their raw brutality! The sound of this promo is just fukin great If you think about Its only a promo, the bass sound is fucking present, you feel fukin it in your fukin veins, the sound of the drums is just fukin great and adding to it, the great Alessandro! This record of 2 songs is really excellent coz all the riffs are technically catchy and really very well made and is very difficult or impossible to find a weak point except the only bad little thing is in the fact I always find the vocals a bit redundant of Paolo but nothing of unbearable. This is a vocalist I respect at the highest point despite his linear side. A sick hateful anti religion disk recommended for fans of Disgorge (USA) and a fucking must have, you need to get it before its sold out!!!!! Two fucking horns up! 9/10.

Reviewed by - Andrew Talbot

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