Monday, May 20, 2013

Review of Carnivore Diprosopus - Condemned By The Alliance (Sevared Records)

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What a fucking Bomb! Carnivore Diprosopus comes from Colombia and is now settled in Spain with a new line-up but still very faithful to the goals that the band had in the past with his own fucking sickness! ''Condemned by the Alliance'' is their third album and when you listen this wall of shit, its a bunch of punches in the face that you receive, coz the sound of the album is just totally perfect, fucking heavy and brutal. The bass is very present and the sound of the drums is just awesome with one of the best bass drums sound I heard and the drums performance of Wilson is flawless! A real kick in the fucking ass! The guitar riffs are almost all hallucinating and really well executed by Ignacio and Andres and giving us a real lesson in brutality. Oscar is back with his eternal guttural sick fucking vocals and really effective, remaining faithful to the origins of Carnivore Diprosopus! The songs are for the most fucking exceptional and in each of them there are catchy elements and mix of the fast parts incorporating parts slower but still mainly fast except for a couple of songs where the slowness is dominant! As I said, almost all the songs are awesome but the downside of this album is that we also found some boring parts, which I think used to assay the album but for me, it cuts the atmosphere and momentum of the album! Despite this negative point, ''Condemned by the Alliance'' is a great fucking album in all perspective and deserve to be heard by all fans of brutality in this shitty crazy world! Its a crime against humanity not to have this album in his possession, Killer fucking shit!


Review By, Andrew Talbot

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