Monday, May 20, 2013

Review of Meathook - Facing Deformity (Ossuary Industries)

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Meathook came directly from the slaughterhouses in Arizona offer us their second full album titled ''Facing Deformity''. I make no comparison with the first album coz I want to criticize it as a single entity, but I can say its in the same spirit that the new album, a piece of basic raw brutality who sound like a tons of shit! Also, the cover art is very effective within the same concept between the both and executed by the mighty Zig! The guitar riffs are all excellent without exception with no boring times and are a real fucking bomb, Robin & Aaron did a great job! The drums on the record sound fucking awesome and almost perfect and is composed of blast beats but greatly transformed in part slower and Johny is a great drummer that deserves much more visibility! Unfortunately I dont know who is the person who is in the bass on the album but I think this is the only weak point of the album, not coz the work of bassist but coz of the production but obviously I feel a bit harsh coz the album sounds really great! ''Facing Deformity'' lasts 28 minutes and gives us the impression of his last 10 had effective to immerse ourselves in their insane butchering fucking rites which I think is a mix between Tx and Cal style and remains completely faithful to the true origins of Brutal Death Metal! The vocals of Mars is very good and make us feel the essence of the Old School fucking sickness and contribute to this gold album that everyone serious in the scene must have coz its a staple in the genre and an opus who reminds us the great time of the brutality!


Review by, Andrew Talbot

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