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Band/Public Views about Brutal Lunch Box Vol. 2 (Tribute to Ugrakarma)

Official Event Link -

Brutal Lunch Box Vol. 2 - "Tribute to Ugrakarma (" featured following bands :-

1.) Narsamhar ""

2.) Broken Hymen ""

3.) Dying Out Flame ""

4.) Aakrosh ""

5.) Viral "" 

6.) Homicidal Bleed - " "

7.) Your Fathers -

8.) Serpent Gaze - "

9.) Raging Into Slut - ""

10.) Nude Terror - " "

Event was Supported By -

Rebel Events -


Venue - Funny Monkey Restro & Bar (

Early Promoters :-

Brutal Pokhara - ""

Metal Rebellion India -

Views about the GIG :-

Sunil Dev Panta - A big HORNS-UP to EUMSN and all the performing bands at Brutal Lunch Box yesterday.

We are deeply honored by the respect we received from all of you. All hails to Viral for the killer cover of Slaughtersword Deathbringer.

Only a Death Metal gig in Kathmandu could witness the most intense most-pit ever, girls moshing harder than the guys, Broken Hymen's guitarist Aditya Shakya performing in wheelchair, a hall full of dedicated metalheads...blood, sweat, and pain.

Keep the eternal fires of Death Metal burning forever!!!!!!!

After Gig

Bibek Bhattarai  - To organise a gig is not a joke you need every sort of manpower and also nowadays Nepali Police policy is against the loud music. Without caring the rules our EUMSN organised a gig in Kathmandu which was Brutal lunch Box II and it was a fully packed killing machine ha..ha.. It was the most Sickest pit that ever happened in Kathmandu. There is combination of all types of bomb (Metalheads), who are only there for the destruction. And for the man (Aditya of Broken Hymen) who played in Wheelchair; Salute, no words for such daring person. On such pits only true metalhead can survive. posers will be dead in that pit.

Sabin Lama -  Brutal Lunch Box Vol. 2 ta ekdam sick and wild thiyo, estai indoor gig haru le garda Death Metal ko scene badi rako cha, such event seems PURE UNDERGROUND comparing to other out door gigs. SapaI Death Metal bands vaera gig was more sick and wild. PURE UNDERGROUND in Nepal. Ani esto gig ma punk and rock band rakhyo vani jhur pani huda raexa vani buje ha..ha..ha..Ani BLB ma aune crowd ra aru outdoor gig ma aune crowd ma pani farak cha. And it was the first gig where a guitarist (Aditya of Broken Hymen) came and played in wheelchair, its history for Underground in Nepal.

Sanjay DMWar - Yeah, fucking sick show, hope to see Next Instalment soon, total support.

Nakchu Gurung - Thumbs Up!!

Utsav Shrestha
- Brutal Lunch Box should be continued, once in a while, the best part is that the band and the crowd stand on the same ground on the same fucking level, and that's what holds us strong the band will never matter if it aint for the crowd. It was the greatest single moment of my life to play alongside my favorite bands and paying tribute to the legends. and if any time the musicians would play on a stage looking down to the audience in a brutal lunch box, that is the day that the gig dies. haha

Prasidha Roka
- The gig was sick as fuck, truly underground. The aroma, the spirit, the crowd, the mosh never synced better. Bravo!

Nikita Shrestha - It was grreat but not as before.I still miss Vol. 1, the crowd was awesome, bands were good but, somewhere you know ..but, BLB pit will always remain sickest pit, ever. Everyone was moshing, headbanging, screaming..AWESOME BANDS..No to fag band in BLB brother, no offense. I saw a boy wearing "swag" cap and showing his movies when that punk band was playing..he..he.. 

Sneha Dhakal - BLB1 gako thena but BLB 2 was sick totally underground all bands were killer horns up to all bands played over there\m/ it was brutual as it is said venue chai sano ho crowd ko comparision ma management was nice and now eagerly waiting for BLB 3 and bro diz time we will gonna headbang together \m/ jai metal\m/

Roshu Saitan Roseaee - It was totally sick and its was first gig who have tribute to Ugrakarma brothers..all band was killer.

Pratap Rava - Brutal lunch box was an awesome gig for our band .... tyo sanoo thau ma moshing garna chai aatii ramailo vako thiyoo, overall a great GIG indeed !!!!

Sagar Gurung - The show was amazing. I must appreciate the Brutal lunch Box series... All death metal players. But we had a little disappoint at that time because we couldn't play our whole numbers, Bastards Nepali police.... Anyway my best wishes to Brutal Lunch Box for further killer show.. \m/

Apocalyptic Devastation Coa - It was brutal for sure.

Amit Lamsal - The gig was great! Because the lineups were fucking awesome and all the members of the ugrakarma witnessed the gig as they appeared in the gig and watched all the bands performing. I also enjoyed this one a lot because all the aspects of this were great! The bands, the crowd, the mosh, the sound. Brutal Lunch Box Vol. 2 tribute to ugrakarma was one of the finest gig which i attended and i think this kind of kickass gig should be organize in future also. All my thanks to EUMSN for a memorable gig and best wishes for future. Long live death metal and keep on fucking supporting death metal.

Jebish Akerfildt It was brutal like its name... Line up was sick!! tara tyo venue halka sano bho sabai jana suffocated bho jasto feel vo!! Overall it was great gig. 

Sarbesh -  I am very grateful to the organizers for giving me the opportunity to perform at BLB2.I was able to interact and observe other outstanding death metal artists as well as having the pleasure to perform with them live on stage. The turnout of metal heads was amazing; the crowd was large then expected. The wild moshing ,headbanging and the true appreciation of death metal gave me a revived love for my music. I am eagerly anticipating BLB3…….and keep supporting metal …\m/

Narsamhar in Action.

Sagar - Almost everything was awesome...nice venue but was a bit smalll... Nice management of the venue must say thorai place ko pani ramro sadhupayog hahaha... every band performed sooo good it was our pleasure to perform with them .cops le gidi garera ni gig was not canceled. and the last one whatever happens this kind of gig most go on jai metal.

John Newa - BLB Vol. 2 was a great experience , playing with bands like Aakrosh, Broken Hymen, Narsamhar was really good for us. The wild mosh it was awesome and ha..ha..and my helmet -- You know it dai.

Amarihsah Ujnes - Ramailai vo malai ta bro,tho cops lae chai rage handio,ani Broken Hymen ko guitarist lai chai mero respect,j hos BLB mahh ayera testo devoted manchae haru ni scene mah raecha vanaera thavo...arko palii chai ali thuloo thau khojnu paryo,manchae ataena asti ko thauma..abo deki BLB mahh extreme band haru ko lineup huna paryo wannabe slam ra punk haru lai rakhna vayaena, BLB2 mahh chai chuttai maza thio tara j hoss,hami paisa bina ko real show garnae autta group jasto feel vo.

Nocturnal Pain -  BLB 2 was one one of the sickest and brutal gig with many extreme bands of Nepal. Nude Terror is honoured and thankful to be part the of it. It was a hell of a gig with true underground metalheads. The moshpit was insane, girls moshing harder then boys. Evey band was throwing different atmosphere, its like something which has never been before in NEPAL's underground scene. Wow man this is true underground and the true fucking metal heads. The crowd in BLB2 was totally different then any other gigs. So, we decided tho throw something really heavy for this peoples, though we have to cut our set list because of our beloved Govt.' , but still it was really so fun and honour to play in BLB2 even we fucked up while playing.  We want thank all the people for the support and we want to thank Vishal Da (Waak Thuu) behind this show.thank you.....jai Nepal.

Aabeg Gautam -  According to me, BLB is one of the extreme festival for Underground Scene..BLB is to bring the underground scene the best and extreme death metal bands the underground has to really look for...BLB has been the pinnacle event of the Nepali Extreme Metal Community for 1 years. And each year it feels that this juggernaut not only offers dedicated and really promising death metal bands on the bill but also welcomes larger numbers of real fans.the show organiser Vishal brother's passion and professionalism were on display throughout the gig..and with its underground buzz growing,it's no question this event will continue to be a force to be reckoned with... also , i m so proud to be the part of EUMSN family...

Chadni - BLB has never been a dissapointment to metalheads.Its always been a great gig for underground metal scene! BLB Vol. 1 was the killer gig where real extreme metal bands played! BLB Vol. 2 is the sickest gig i ever attended in Nepal, truly awesome! I witness the real metal , saw the real passion for metal music! tribute to Ugrakarma - performed by killer underground bands - cover done by Viral - dedicated numbers by Nude terror and Dying Out Flame, insane headbangning and most killer thing is Ktm witnessed true metalheads ; Urgrakarma members saw girls headbanging ; mosshing harder then boys in BLB Vol. 2 ! BLB event have also attracted lots of girls to come and rule metal music. only true metal head comes to BLB! BLB Vol. 2 gave birth to new mind rapping grind band NUDE TERROR! BLB event is the one of the real gig that ever happened in Ktm, without Vishal brother professionalism in underground metal scene would be same as other normal gigs. Killer thanx to Vishal brother for organizing such gig! I support metal music.I support EUMSN events! can't wait for EXTREME BRUTAL LUNCH BOX 3! 

Dying Out Flame

Binish Timilsina -  Brutal Lunch Box Vol 2, brought a massive crowd with satisfying equipment and stuffs for bands respectively..As BLB gig ws tightened by death metal bands, venue seems somehow suitable ra j hos dhaana chai sake cha brutal crowd lai,but i guess it was lacking systematized operation, because chief of BLB was hurried more for solving any case rather it was to be authorized and implement, simple works by assistance of chief.. And overala all bands endure they just need quality system and brutal crowd nothing more than that , as people in gig too crystalized by there blind rooted indulgement in brutal metal music. And i dont think the BLB is going to go out of style because it is not made for style but for rejuvenate and energies with grunt over every soul of Nepali Underground Scene\m/

Bishal Pradhan -  The first and only gig organized as a tribute to the pioneers of Nepali Death Metal - UGRAKARMA.The heaviest and the brutal gig admitted by the pioneer of Nepali metal scene themselves , what more can i say but yea horns to the crowd, the best crowd i have seen so far in the scene ,very supportive as well as brutal. Brutal in the sense small space who gives a damn lets moshpit . Appreciate the bands who played the gig truly awesome,despite of the cops interference the bands supported the gig and carried on with their stuff and the thing that i liked was when the bands cut their set due to the lack of time so all the bands could play the gig .And yes master Aditya Sakhya of Broken Hymn horns up for him and best wishes for his quick recovery. At last a big thank you to my brother Vishal Rai the organizer of the gig and the supporting hands without whom bands around could not have gotten the chance to play or heard in their beginning or say learning stage .Today young guns can get opportunity to play infront of the mass and can learn so much about the music and yes they can rely on brothers like Vishal Rai,Saurab dai and all others of E.U.M.S.N for feedback and help in music. Yes, Stay true to your music,have faith in the music that you compose. As said by Bela Bartok," Competitions are for horses, not for artists."

Nischal Kc -  Fucking sick crowd ever in Nepali Underground Scene, best moment to build up brotherhood with metalheads, a sort of family party, every bands got a Brutal Dick. So much FUN!

Vishal Vof -  So, most awaited Death Metal gig Brutal Lunch Box Vol. 2 "Tribute to Ugrakarma" is over and, I really want to send my thanks and regards to every bands and individual who came out there to pay tribute to Ugrakarma.. thanks to all the brothers and sisters who worked hard along with me to put this fest, thanks to Bishu Da for venue and Bikrant Da for sound in short notice..thanks to Saurab for his immense support and help towards us, thansk to Ugrakarma and Kiran Da for showing up..and also thanks to all the bands for cutting off their set at mutual understanding..thanks to those girls who moshed harder than boys, thanks to that wild and sick crowd - I must say you peoples are real because, you just broke someone helmet.. ha..ha.. thanks for coming out for smoke, thanks for buying tickets and respecting the show..thanks for saying, now we want Vol. 3 (I will try my best to bring back Fall and Calamitian in this episode with original lineup).. and FUCK TO THAT BEAUTY PARLOUR - FUCK YOU BITCH FOR YOUR CONTINIOUS COMPLAINT ABOUT GENERATOR & FUCK THAT COP WHO DRAGGED ME AND WANTED TO STOP THE SHOW and FUCK THEM HARDER FOR TAKING Ensane..and really, sorry to Ensane ..but, still a huge thanks to Raa La and him for their company..Yes, I feel so proud and glad after this Fest because, everyone out there was moshing like a beast and they never missed a single band..they wanted more and more Growls..really, you guys are fucking beasts that you really have so much energy to be with every respect! and I am really sorry if gig has some defects as you know, there was some disturbance that showed up..Cheers everyone and I hope to see the same crowd at Vol. 3 \,,/ - this show was really special because, it was first ever Ugrakarma tribute gig and also Aditya playing in wheelchair was so emotional .. this thing will never happen again.. anyway, hope to see you all in Vol. 3 \m/

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