Sunday, November 18, 2012

Brutal Lunch Box Volume 1

Brutal Lunch Box 1
Location – Jamsthan, Mahalaxmisthan
Organized by –  Extreme Underground Music Society Of Nepal
Supported By - Sujeena Shrestha (KTM), Sujan Gurung (U.K), Susan Rai (H.K) & Rita Rai (H.K)
Special Guest – Blasphemous Stigmata (Darjeeling)
Main Band – Bidroha
Centre Band - Fall
Homicidal Bleed
Dying Out Flame
Broken Hymen
Diablo X

The show was started with Broken Hymen; Diablo X ; Homicidal Bleed ; Dying Out flames  ; Calamitian; Fall following by two Guest band Bidroha and Blasphemous Stigmata. 

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