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Damokis (Grinder From Malaysia)

Agigi Bob from Damokis exclusively replies to Vishal of Eumsn Bones.

Official Facebook Page -
Band Biography :-
The band had been forming for a few years around since in 1995 where AGIGI(BOB) & FAUZI has been drilling hole out to find clues on how far the grindcore should be well accepted in the underground scene,especially in their homeland ,Malaysia.Despite the enthusiasm and braveness,they both then set a long-term agreement to get a fully motivated band to play just 'GRINDCORE' music and they did it with some new members,SHAH is recruited to handle the vocal part while AIN(TANDUS) is helping on the bass.Year later, they began to get a new monicker by the name DAMOKLES,which is a name taken from one of the lyrics that can be found on the SODOM "Agent Orange'' album.Lack of equipment and the time,forcing the band to be stranded for nearly 2 years doing nothing before SHAH & AIN forced themselves to leave the band in an hassle time. The payback has been lighted up in the mid 1998 where EPOL(LOGAM)happily joined in for the comeback and put on the bass responsibility.Getting started up all back was hard decision when the band could not still find any suitable vocal to fit in some of their songs that been written during EPOL presence.Not until when they spotted TASYRIF from AMITHRAGATA that later joined in a year later.This line up has been created with fully discussion on the motive of how the band should goes with this ‘grindcore’ scenario,thus the result was the official debut demo in February 2001,”Nevermind The Bastards…Here’s Damokis’’ which is recorded using a 4-traxs Fostex multicorders.This is where the monicker too had been changed from ‘DAMOKLES’ to ‘DAMOKIS’.

Lot of feedbacks and maturity critics has been received throughout the released and shows has been set-up too around their hometown.Felt lacking of sound ability, the band one again begin searching for a new members to join in.MUHAIRI(RY) is spotted to handle the bass while EPOL was switched on guitar.Shows after shows followed and the people are getting to know the existence of DAMOKIS around.It showed the band seriousness while onstage and the grind music that they played which make the demo completey sold out in just two months of it released.Getting back in the studio in early 2002 is a newer recorded traxs for a split with a grind/death band,ARGON. Released by BROKEN NOISE RECORDS(Malaysia),the cd is printed in a limit of a 1000 copies.It was well sold in the underground scenes and the acceptance from all over the globe makes this look like a classis pair of rare material.DAMOKIS flew then to neighbouring countries like Indonesia and Sabah to play along with those local act and getting more known through medias,zines and a few radio stations that kept promoting them before the shows started.

Later 2002,the band is back again in the studio and this time they recorded a 4 unreleased trax for their 3" single cd entitled ,’Ashamed Of Your Act’ under OGRASMATRON PRODUCTION(Malaysia).This 4 trax is a surprise for the members itself as they had get what they wanted to do much in the past oversenses from sounds,arrangement and the input power to it,that been loaded to this single. More shows has been poundering and booked but doesn’t seem to fail them to record again.A 3-way split cd is again recorded in early 2003 with PERPETUAL(sabah) & RENGKONG TEKELUAQ(kedah).This cd is on the limited offer price and has been released in March 2003.The battle begins when they started recording new traxs for upcoming projects.Feel free to or email em at All letter for correspondences,hatred,criticism or merely for friendships,drop to Bob@Agigi at No.8A, Jln Mawar 1, Tmn Mawar, 81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor-Malaysia.

Interview :-

Vishal - Can i get the story on the band and biography?
A. Bob
- The band started in early 1995 with me on guitar and the drummer,Pozi.We began playing covers from Napalm Death,Terrorizer before we recruited Ain on bass and later met Shah who does the vocals.Later we had one shows which i a debut show for us before we break up and changed the lineup,remaining me and the drummer.Now what you see is the full line-up DAMOKIS with Tasyrif on vocals,Wan on bass,Me on guitars and Pozi on drums.
Vishal - What are the themes you guys use in your lyrics?gore, horror etc..
A. Bob
- We like animated or anime fictions,a few gore n stuff and politicial shits but we are most likely like to talk what goes around us rather than talking without its existing.
Vishal - How it feels to be in a Underground Scene? And do you appreciate your local underground scene?
A. Bob
- Yes we luv much to our local scenes and the grew up bands where we find it is now up to the standard where bands and peoples are getting closer to another.we feels great to be a part of it and to contributing to the scene.
Vishal - Which are the bands that have influenced your band most and sound?
A. Bob
- We're likely influenced by GROINCHURN,a bit of NAPALM but most likely we're addicted to GROINCHURNM and BIRDFLESH from Sweden ahah.
Vishal - Do you remember your first show and what was it like?
A. Bob
- The first how was with the 1st vocal,SHAH at Negeri Sembilan along with good bands and we played only 3 songs since we're new and it turns out great although the crowd was not really knows what we're playing but that shows really leave a memento to us.
Vishal - Where do we can buy and listen your music?
A. Bob
- You can always contacted our label,Grundar Production or log on to or you can buy it directly thru us by emailing us at
Vishal - What is your opinion on sites posting your material and other bands material?
A. Bob
- I think that is shit when u get sumone downloading and post it out on the can posted it out if it is an old rare items whuich is hard to find and you can share it but for newer items its better to keep support of it and go get ya arse to buy it hahaha.
Vishal - Suggest us some of the good bands from your Country?
A. Bob
Vishal - How do you guys feel about the classifications in metal? like deathcore, metalcore and other subgenres..
A. Bob
- Metal is quite a universal nowadays where you get all mix of metal musics now but i still prefer the NWOBHM..but even metalcore or ur a deathcore or whatever core ur in do make good music coz good music make good listeners to buy ur materials and getting it spreaded.I hate bands making musics just because of making attraction to his girlfriend and u can find these idiots been supports by only female which knows nothing just because his boyfriend in a band..thats shit.
Vishal - Beside Damokis you have any other projects?
A. Bob
- Yes i do play or i can say session for my old time singaporean band,Demisor.I'm only heading towards my malay heavymetal band,FIRESTARTER.

Vishal - In general term extreme metal isn't appreciated by Society what do you have to say on this?
A. Bob
- Yes it's true but nowadays we can see that society is more to metal when metal is getting exposure in media and television.I can see a bunch of kids when their dad brings em wearing metal shirts and hey its metal now.
Vishal - Ok, what do you want to tell those peoples who rips off the band hard and illegally downloads their music?
A. Bob
- A simple word FOAD to you!!! go buy the album help the band and this is how we can grow the musics more further.
Vishal - Is it hard surviving in underground Scene?
A. Bob
- Yes of coz if you say it in Malaysia,we do have to work for a isnt a making business money..we are addicted to work,eat and sleep and grind on thats how ahaha.
Vishal - Metal has to be underground or metal has to go mainstream, what's your opinion?
A. Bob
- I can say both but i stilk, prefer metal to be in the underground way as freedom of speech is not restricted sumtimes too mainstreams make ur sick.

Vishal - Which is the favourite song from Damokis and do you enjoy playing it live?
A. Bob
- Hahaha i can say the tracks of "DrunkMan" which is enjoyable to play with when we see the crowds and the bystanders singing along and laughing at the vocals of his reaction hahaha.
Vishal - Your biggest band moment? And how do you feel it?
A. Bob
- I feel great to see Dismember infront of me doing live and cool people and even Asphyx and Discharge are awesome.
Vishal - What is your opinion on the current state of underground metal?
A. Bob
- There is no current for me,all metal as individually the same only borders and expectations make you differents.
Vishal - Lastly, a space for you anything EUMSN have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?
A. Bob
- We are pleased and honoured by this interview and we welcome all nepalese people to support grind musics and metal musics in one or another way.we must unite and be strong..Hopefully Damokis will be in Nepal if there's an can reach us at or log on to for updates.Thanks again and never stop doing EUMSN..Grind and cheers.

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