Sunday, November 24, 2013

Best Of Jonathan Perusse (Vox of CHUD) from 2013

Alright so apparently it's that time of the year again where everybody is doing their "top 2013 best album". So I'm gonna do mine, but mine is really short haha! First of all there's no really good new albums that comes to my mind, yeah sure there's a shitload of new Slam band with guttural vocals and stuff, but none of them have kept my attention enough to put them in my list. Of course there's the new Carcass and shit but they are already well known, and the point that I'm doing this is to make you discover new bands, somebody will put Carcass in their list, don't worry about that haha!
First of all, I'm canadian! Big surprised eh! Haha! Well, that's why the 2 bands I wanna share with you are canadians, just doing some sweet promotions for our local bands! You've probably heard of them in one of my interviews because I interviewed both of them... Anyway, let's go!
Axxion... That band from Toronto who makes you fell like you're trap in the 80's in a boxing arena filled with sweaty dudes and smoking chicks. I've first heard of them 1 year ago I think, not really sure but anyway, that's not important... But what's important is that I remember the first time I put their album in my tape player (Yeah, that's right, a tape! Can you be more oldschool?) and sitting back on my couch, rolling a 2 paper joint and drinking a cold can of cheap beer, and BAM! It hit me right the face! Every songs have this powerful feeling that you can do whatever the fuck you want, and the only thing you need is a motorcyle (or a bmx if you're poor) and a leather jacket and you're all set! From track to track, D.D.'s voice is so awesome, never on the same boring tone, and he's the proof that you don't need to puke your lungs to be a badass! Well, he have iron lungs for sure, but I'm talking about the guttural stuff... Anyway, I don't fkn know how a guy can sing like that, but he can and he's good! Shred's shredding, of course, and every riffs are unique and just wanna make you dance like those weird glam dudes in Motley Crue videos, except that this is 2013 and they're able to make you cry because you're born too late, but at the same time make you smile because it's like a message: Hey kid, you missed the 80's? No problem, Axxion is here, party time! Anyway, you get the point haha! I've listen to a shitload of music in 2013, but that's one of the only album that I can say I was honestly sad when I heard the "click" sound at the end of the tape... Already done? Damnit...
If you havent heard of them yet, here's 2 links:
And here's the link from the interview I did with them:
The second release I wanna talk about if a GrindCore band from Ottawa, those who know me well know that I truly fucking love them, and the fact that they released a new EP, AMER, just made my year the best one ever! Yep, I'm talking about Fuck The Facts! Their previous album, in my opinion, were really awesome. But this one, my friends, is just... Well I don't know what to say, there's no word to explain that, maybe there's one but I'm french so I don't know it. Yeah, it's a short album, but as soon as I put the tape (yeah, another tape!) in my ghetto blaster, I unleashed hell. Every tracks are unique, powerful and filled with a vibe that wasn't there in their previous releases. And it's really good. Of course if you're not a fan of GrindCore you probably won't like it, but if you are, you really need this EP in you collection. I like the fact that most of their song are in french too, it make me feel more like it's a local band, and I'm proud to say that. In all my tape collection, that's the one who's never really far from my tape player, just because it's always playing...
So here's a link for one of their song:
And here's the link from the interview I did with them:
So that's it folks, I know I didn't talk that much about every tracks on each album but hey, I'm not a journalist, I'm just a normal dude writing stuff about bands I like! These 2 albums that I wrote about are really worth the try, and both of these bands can be easily contacted via Facebook if you're interested! Thanks for the read! I hope you liked what I wrote, if not well... I'm canadian so sorry about that haha! Cheers!

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