Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Thrashmandu Fest April 29th 2017

Link to official event page : Ultimate Thrashmandu Fest
Fans of thrash are gearing up for the Ultimate Thrashmandu Fest 2017 at the Reggae Bar in Thamel in Kathmandu, Nepal, on Saturday,1 PM, April 29th! You are invited and you won't be disappointed at what the Extreme Underground Metal Society of Nepal has in store. Ticket price is Early Bird 350 Nrs (free Eumsn's pin), and Door Sales 500 Nrs. Call the following person : Anesh 9860363841; Sarwe 9808994825; Syangtang 9818939642; and Bhawana 9803976640. 

Kathmandu has become a fertile breeding ground for showcasing modern pioneers in this genre. Thrashers will be pleased by the sheer torment awaiting from Disorder (Nepal), Thrash (Bangladesh), Exalter (Bangladesh), and Armament (Kolkata, India). Kathmandu is a city plagued by the tension of opposites and bleeds with churning counter culture. This Thrashmandu was designed with this in mind, and will lay waste to the audience, so make plans to come and enjoy the pain. These bands are utterly down with the sickness. This event will bring on panic attacks that attracts those who crave fast solo riffs and drums like guns, especially if you are a headbanger that likes to mosh and get rowdy. If you pick up girls with the line "Hey baby, you into speed metal?" you'll be especially welcome here. 

Disorder (Aslil Manav Savyata) are Nepali Thrash power machine heroes and specialize in mosh songs that will send your neck to hell, which is one of the true beauties of the genre. Disorder plays such great stuff they are even cruel to themselves! Thrash (A Lesson in Thrash) all the way from Bangladesh has crazy drumming and nice riffs. Active since the later half of 2011, they signed with Incursion Music to release their first EP entitled "A Lesson in Thrash", which came out in October, 2012. Be blown away by this modern evolution of thrash, and check out their lyrics if you really want to get sick! Exalter (Tortured Innocents), thrashers from Bangladesh, are the culmination of desolation! Cum if you like to hear the explosive anguish of tortured snare drums. This audacious band puts out blunt and blackened, raw, kickass stuff, so if you walk in late and sniff the churning smell of human flesh, it's gotta be them! Curse your fate if you miss them. Hails to Armament (Chaos Prevails), from Kolkata, India, who will give you fucking tasty, fun and amazing, early years thrash. You will thank your lucky thrashers you have the chance to witness this band's performance live. You cannot resist or live without hearing them! So hit the road, get them tickets, and thrash with Eumsn and the other daredevils.

Article by : Joan K. Matlock

Available on Gig day for Nrs. 700/- 
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