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Madeleine Horn (The Horned Goddess - Glamour. Sex. Blood. High Heels)

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Biography :- Modern Social Media Celebrity, Satanic Royalty, Circus Burlesque Performance Artist, The World's Premier Fire Breathing Stripper, Living Fetish Mannequin, Practicing Left Hand Path Yogini, Aspiring Writing Philosopher.

Madelina Horn, formerly Madeleine, is a multi-talented artist that has become an icon for the underground and has inspired a movement amoungst the new generation. Her modelling turned performance art career began after an attempt as a photographer, realizing shortly into her studies that she was in envy of her subjects. Proving that the darkside is still very much alive in the hearts of men and women alike, her dark, often satanic imagery gained almost immediate recognition. She is possibly the most notorious female metal enthusiast in the world, having been recognized as such when a fan dubbed her "The World's 1st Heavy Metal Model" very early in her career. Horn has been praised and sought out by world renound musicians, artists, designers, and more as something of a sinister muse. She has since grown into a sophisticated gothic goddess personifying glamour, while still holding on to a glimmer of the rebellious rocker image of her youth.

With an insatiable appetite for the spotlight, it wasn't long before she jumped from still images to live shows. Suspiciously motivated, her self-taught aerial acrobatics, contortion, and fire performances can be perceived as almost superhuman. A self professed blood fetishist and animal rights activist in the same breath suggests this demon has a heart of gold. In speaking with the dark beauty, you get the impression you are part of a very specific step in a mysterious plan. She readily admits her journey has not been an accident and fame is all part of her well calculated plan.

It is said that there is a thin line between genius and insanity, and Miss Horn holds no delusions about walking this line. Horn is bold, outspoken, and sometimes outrageous but always manages to keep an air of mystery.

Vishal - What are you doing nowadays?
- A lot of planning. I tend to deactivate completely in winter. Up here in northern Canada it get quite cold + dark. I am starting to come alive again + feel more inspiration now that spring is approaching.

Vishal - Can I get the story of your work?
- I started my career as an entertainer at 19 working as a stripper. I always had the urge to entertain. When I danced I really enjoyed the attention + loved creating a more theatrical act. I eventually learned fire eating which I incorporated into my feature dancing act. I was eventually asked by a nightclub owner if Id like to come perform + that's how my act started getting out of the stripclubs + into the mainstream. I have also been a successful alternative + fetish model since I was 18. An agent in Los Angeles discovered my amateur pictures on MySpace. I went to LA a couple months after + shot with some of the top fetish sites in the industry + met a lot of really great people. That was the beginning + since I have taken all my resources + knowledge + ran with it.

Vishal - Have you ever done a modeling for any Underground Bands and their music?
- I have always been a supporter of the underground scene. I still get sent band t-shirts regularly that bands want me to model. I try + keep up with it as best I can. I grew up in the underground black metal scene since I was 14 so it is very close to me heart. That's part of the reason for the Ross Bay angel tattoo on my back.

Vishal - How it feels to be in a Modeling Field?
- Modelling is great. I love attention + creating so it's perfect for me. Of course modelling is my second love, performance is always top priority for me.

Vishal - Which made you to choose a Modeling Field?
- I think it just came naturally because I'm comfortable with myself + love attention. Anyone can be beautiful + create glamour with the right team but a good model doesn't need direction + commands attention.

Vishal - What are your future plans?
- I have so many. I want to take my act on tour eventually. I am also researching writing a book about my own spiritual philosophy on the left hand path. I already act as a mentor to many who are just coming into this way of living.

Vishal - What is your opinion on the current state of Modeling?
- It seems almost like a trend right now. So many people are dabbling in modelling, it is great in a way, to empower people + boost their confidence but it also devalues the work of professionals, which can be frustrating at times.

Vishal - Can you recommend us those names that really inspired you?
- My inspirations change all the time. The people that seem to stay constant are Dali, Thierry Mugler, Giger, Dita Von Teese, Madonna, + the occult in general.

Vishal - Are you satisfied with your work?
- Never.

Vishal - Ok, what do you want to tell those peoples who wants to come into a field of Modeling?
- I believe modelling in something you have or you don't. There are very few women that make it modelling, whether in fashion or fetish, that don't have a natural poise from head to toe;

Vishal - Beside Modelling what else you do?
- My main career is as a exotic performer specializing in aerial hoop, trapeze, fire-eating + breathing. I suppose it's like neo burlesque with a dash of circus + conceived from the loins of satan.

Vishal - Is it hard surviving in Modeling Scene?
- It can be. I seem to stay fairly relevant regardless of my hiatuses in the winter for months but I have been doing it for a long time + have worked hard to create a loyal fanbase.

Vishal - What kind of music you listen?
- I love all kinds of music. I love Madonna + Lana Del Rey but I'll never get over my darkside with bands like Beherit + GGFH.

Vishal - In near future, if any band approaches to you for a Metal Video or any kind of Merchandise shot, how are you going to approve this?
- It depends. I am a business woman so if the offer is right I'll usually take it but when I can I mostly like to work with bands that I am already a big fan of +/or are close friends of mine who I really believe in. I love doing music videos. Its a shame how many videos + films never see the light of day. I already have another music video set up to star in sometime this summer. I can't wait.

Vishal - .How do you look at those Models who are shooting for Underground Bands?
- There are quite a few now in comparison to when I started. It's great to see girls supporting the underground. It's fun for them I'm sure.

Vishal - Quick five albums we must have in our collection.
- GGFH - Disease
Satyricon - Now, Diabolical
Madonna - Erotica
Bohren + Der Club de Gore - Midnight Black Earth
Type O Negative - October Rust

Vishal - What do you hate most in this field?
- The inconsistancy. I wish I had more control over my career. It is so unpredictable. I can be booked straight for month then suddenly nothing for months. It can be difficult to make a living.

Vishal - Is social networking useful for your profession?
- It is so helpful! I can't begin to describe the amount of work I get simply from the networking available to my through facebook.

Vishal - Can you tell us about your first work experience?
- I don't really remember.

Vishal - Something about you, that peoples doesn’t know.
- I am a vegan but I love human blood... but Im sure most of you already knew that,

Vishal - Lastly, a space for you anything EUMSN have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?
- Watch out for my blood paintings. I paint flowers in human blood + I hope to have my first showing by the end of the year. Keep up with everything on my website or Facebook:

"Madeleine Horn is not just a sweet thing, but a heavy metal queen" - Marquis Magazine

"I was blown away by [her] beauty. A true artist." - Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir)

"the sexiest aerial performer in the world" - Eric Paradis (producer, Montreal Fetish Weekend)

"a world class beauty" - Mark Miremont

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