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Genetic Error (Slamming Brutal Death Metal from Colambis)

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:- GENETIC ERROR is a Latin Slamming Death Metal Band from Bogota, Colombia. Ricaurte Triviño "Tato" with the aim of doing Extreme Brutal Music fusioned with latin sounds started working on the band, after that, Anita Camargo (FrontGirl) on the Harsh Vocals, Alex Tovar (Vehementer) on guitar, Oscar Tovar (Ripping Flesh) on drums and Jean Jimenez (Coretta) on the bass are the official Line Up of the Band. Currently we have signed with the label Coyote Records from Russia, the album will be released on January 2013. Salsa, funk, Jazz and others genres are part of the content within the whole album of course without leaving behind the structure and approach of Brutal Slamming Death metal that has consolidated the band.

Influences :- Devourment, Abnormity, Fleshless, Dying Fetus, Daft Punk, Justice, La Fania All Stars, Misery Index, Vehementer, Putrid Pile, Cerebral Incubation, Decapitated, Deftones, Goretrade, Six Feet Under, Phalogore, Waking The Cadaver, Cerebral bore, Abominable Putridity, Suppuration.

Members Ana Camargo / Vocal Screams Ricaurte Trivino / Vocals Death grunts Alex Tovar / Guitar Jean Jimenez / Bass Oscar Tovar / Drums Contact Ricaurte Triviño Robayo (57) + 314 2192476 Jean Paul Jimenez (57) + 312 5774302

Kshitiz - Hello, this is Kshitiz from Eumsn Bones. please tell our readers about your band 'genetic error'? where are you guys from ? when was the band formed ?
- Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to salute all the people in Nepal, we’re glad you want to know about us. we are from Colombia – south America, the band was formed on 2010.

Kshitiz - Who are the members of the band ? have they ever been changed ?
- The current lineup is: Ricaurte Triviño (voice), Ana Camargo (voice and screams), Alex Tovar (guitar), jean Paul Jimenez (bass) and Oscar Tovar (drums).

Kshitiz - How did u guys come up with the idea of playing brutal death metal ?
- We all have been fans of death metal for years and have made part of other death metal groups in our country, so we decide to come up with something new, death metal but with a Latin fusion.

Kshitiz - What are the main lyrical themes in your songs?

Ricaurte - Genetic problems, mental and body illnesses and sicknesses, war, mental states and society.

Kshitiz - Do u play covers or just originals? have often do you play live?

Ricaurte - Original ones, and sometimes 2 or 3 covers (one by show), we play once per month if we have the opportunity.

Kshitiz - being in the underground, how does it feel like?

Ricaurte - Good, the main idea on this music is like that, but we try to take advantage of the scene and the things we can do.

Kshitiz - What are your main influences as a band?

Ricaurte - Death metal and slamming bands, such as: Devourment, abnormity, infernal revulsion, abominable putridy, Colombian bands and all the classics… by the other way, we like other kind or music, jazz and funk.

Kshitiz - How is the death metal scene in your place? what do u like the moose about the scene in your country?

Ricaurte - Colombian death metal scene is huge, with very representative bands in all the genres, for example: massacre, purulent, internal suffering, inquisition, amputated genitals, carnivore diprosospus, Goretrade… and the strength soft Colombian metal is death metal.

Kshitiz - What is the most annoying fact about the metal scene in your country?

Ricaurte - Sometimes the lack of support to the bands, but we do our best.

Kshitiz - Do you remember your first show? how was the people reaction?

Ricaurte - It was years ago, in Villavicencio – meta (a city near the capital), the people were great and gave us all the support.
Kshitiz - We have millions of bands around the world, but few of them are really good.' what would you say about this statement?

Ricaurte - It’s true, and that’s because all people do the same thing, but if you want to be a great band you have to study some music, handle the language, practice lot, have marketing and obviously, be different.

Kshitiz - Five albums we must have in our collection?

Ricaurte - Death – spiritual healing, Cannibal corpse – eaten back to life, Dying Fetus - Killing on Adrenaline, Devourment - Molesting the Decapitated & Goretrade -Mistaken Conception.
Kshitiz - Which is the latest album that impressed you the most?

Ricaurte - Abominable putridity’s release, it’s awesome.
Kshitiz - Any shows coming up within this month or next?

Ricaurte - We just finished a tour with amputated genitals here in Colombia.
Kshitiz - Lastly anything you would like to say, other than that i have asked you during this interview?

Ricaurte - Thanks for the opportunity, visit us on MySpace, YouTube and reverb nation. support brutal

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