Friday, June 16, 2017

Shillong Deathfest 2 (July 8th 2017)

Shillong is all set for the 2nd edition of Shillong Death Fest this July.
Founded by Eumss in 2016 and this year it will be the 2nd edition of Shillong death fest. The inaugural show was a huge success and featured 5 bands and was witnessed by over 400 diehard fans. This year we have bands from Japan, Bangladesh and many bands from around India . It will be held in July 8th 2017. Below is the complete list of this year’s event.

Hecate is a black metal band hailing from Shillong. A newly formed band but these guys are no joke and they promise to spread their darkness. Shillong is not much known for black metal so catching them live is a must. Check them out:

Depassionate is one of the new and rising brutal death metal bands from Mairang, Meghalaya. Sticking to their roots these guys will serve some brutal death metal. A band to watch out for!

Tod Fod from Shillong is a new grindcore band and this is their first live performance. Grindcore is also not much known here similar to black metal but these guys are sure they will break the barriers. No links to share their music so come and watch them live.

Chaotic Dread is a brutal death metal band from Nongpoh, Meghalaya. Influenced by bands like Cerebral bore, Dying fetus, Cannibal corpse, Raped by pigs and more so. Expect some face melting death metal from them.

Infected Humanity is another brutal death metal band from Gossaigaon, Assam. These guys mean serious business and yes, they will be ripping your soul apart. Be prepared for some extreme damage.

xREPEATx is yet another grindcore band from Bangalore, India. They recently conquered Nepal and they are ready to teach some ear bleeding grind to Shillong. Beware, they are fast as fuck, short as hell and have some real lovely song names. Some of their originals songs named Public Boner, Airport Whore, Cock Juggling Thunder Cunt, Fuck Doll, Man Slut and many more. Check their EP below:

Nekrohowl is another sensational death metal band from our neighboring country Bangladesh. Drawing influences from bands like Suffocation, Immolation, Death, Sinister, Gorguts, Incantation and more, it is already clear that they know what they are heading to. They mean pure agonizing death metal. Bone crushing 90’s death metal is what they will deliver and they are not to be missed.

Pisakas is a 3 piece death metal band from Bangalore, India. These guys play some unadulterated pure death fucking metal. Highly influenced from bands like Immolation, deeds of flesh, suffocation, gorguts, defeated sanity, Incantation and more. They will give you death with speed and utmost aggression with no compromise.

Plague Throat needs no introduction to any death metal fans in India. Having played all across India and spreading their plague by representing India in Wacken open air. Come along and witness them again this July as they are ready to destroy Shillong with their death metal.

Desecravity will be headlining this year’s Shillong death fest. They are the technical death metal giants from Tokyo, Japan. Currently signed by the esteemed US based record label Willowtip Records, this will their maiden visit to India. Expect some major devastation.

Thanks to our dedicated fans/ supporters and media/sponsors from both in and out of the country. We actually managed to pull out a great memorable gig last year and now we are very close to the 2nd edition of Shillong death fest and its time we repeat history!!

Also Special thanks to our Extreme family (Eumsn, Brutal Pokhara,EUI, EUS, EUNE).
This was never possible without the help and cooperation of all the above.

Shillong Death Fest Details:
Pre-sale tickets: 300 INR
At gates tickets: 400 INR
Venue: Lachumiere basketball court, Shillong, India
For tickets:

Article by, Nilesh Das

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